Personalizzare il matrimonio

Personalizing your wedding in Franciacorta

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Details, as we know, make the difference for a wedding in Franciacorta, making everything simply perfect, that’s why you should rely on EP Event Design abilities, to personalize your wedding.

E as Emanuela

She loves personalizing a wedding with precision and details, giving importance to any shade. Artistic and smart, decorative elements seems to her an even always new journey, rich in emotions and splendour, she insatiably feed herself with.

P as “Peonia Handmade & Flowers”

Let’s talk about Alessia cosy flowers shop.
She lives in a colourful world, both pastel or more excessive shaded.

This way she express herself through floral creations that move and tell stories. Stories of love who swear the infinite on their most important day.

Unique and personalized weddings

Together they start off EP event design, unique events and personalized weddings.

Bride and groom are their inspiration source because, deeply acknowledging their desires they have the possibility to create weddings in Franciacorta that will be unique, taking inspiration from colours, shapes, materials or, simply from emotions.


Real Weddings from EP Events Design

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