Weddings in Italy with Active Times – Love In Franciacorta (Part 3)

In this third and final part of the interview with Michele Rota of Active Times we talk about how fundamental the dialogue and collaboration among the various suppliers, selected by the spouses, for their special day are.

About the importance of working with selected and highly experienced suppliers in the field of weddings.

About knowing and respecting the timing of locations, especially in evening weddings.

Each wedding is tailor-made, customized in every part. For this reason, Michele immediately favors direct contact with couples.

This allows you to define the priorities of the future spouses, which will form the basis for the definition of the lineup.

Through a detailed guide then Active Times directs the spouses in the procedures required for the management of the SIAE (the Italian association of Authors and Editors n.d.t) in view of the wedding.

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You can contact Michele, but also all our wedding professionals in Italy, in Franciacorta for advice on how to organize your day of love!

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Video, Ph.Credits & Project: Andrea Mutti
Video shooting outdoors and on location: Active Times