Weddings in Franciacorta with Active Times – Love In Franciacorta (Part 1)

Where did the idea of ​​structuring a reference in the world of wedding music in Franciacorta come from?

Through an interview with Michele Rota, founder of Active Times, we will find out how the idea for this reality was born. Now he is a real point of reference for weddings music and, in general, events throughout Franciacorta.

A group, in constant evolution, based on a concept as simple as it is important: professionalism.

We will discover how the musical entertainment of a wedding party is designed, from ceremonial music, to the choice of a celebrant, to the most dynamic phases of the party, including dances and jokes.

If you want to read the full interview with Michele from Active Times, here is the link to the dedicated article.

You can contact Michele, but also all our wedding professionals in Franciacorta for advice on how to organize your day of love!

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Video, Ph.Credits & Project: Andrea Mutti
Outdoor video shooting: Active Times