Entertainment for weddings in Italy with Active Times – Love in Franciacorta (Part 2)

In this second part of the interview with Michele Rota from Active Times we will focus on the management of music and entertainment for weddings in Italy.

Without ever giving up on professionalism and elegance, music will mark the times and characterize the phases of the wedding, involving and thrilling spouses and guests.

Michele also tells us how it is important to manage the correct lighting of spaces designed for civil ceremonies and for the wedding party, all in close contact with the professionals who will intervene on this day.

The correct organization of times, and also the collaboration with professionals, from the restaurant and catering chefs to the wedding photographers, will thus be able to guarantee the perfect success of the wedding.

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You can contact Michele, but also all our wedding professionals in Franciacorta, for advice on how to organize your day of love!

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Video, Ph.Credits & Project: Andrea Mutti
Video shooting outdoors and on location: Active Times