Weddings in Franciacorta with Villa Baiana – Love in Franciacorta (pt. 3)

Weddings in Franciacorta in Villa Baiana and in the La Montina winery, between civil rites and religious rites.

In the third and last part of the video interview, Barbara focuses on exciting and unique moments related to the management of civil marriages.

Exciting and engaging rituals that come to life in the spaces of Villa Baiana or within the walls of the Tenute La Montina.

Among these moments, the preparation of the spouses certainly stands out; unique moments, full of tension and agitation, which remain in your heart.

The large outdoor green areas, the pergola with vineyard, the courtyard, but also the cellar art gallery are unique solutions for those wishing to organize their wedding in Franciacorta.

Therefore, external and internal spaces, plan A and plan B, both refined and elegant, are perfect for every wedding and for any unexpected weather conditions.

The ability to completely customize the reception, which certainly finds an added value in the close collaboration with Tenute La Montina.

Every detail will be thought out and followed with “maniacal” care, to ensure a day of celebration to remember forever.

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Video, Ph.Credits & Project: Andrea Mutti