Weddings in Franciacorta with Villa Baiana – Love in Franciacorta (pt. 1)

Weddings in Franciacorta, the origins of Villa Baiana and the La Montina winery.

Barbara and Michele accompany us in this first part of the video interview dedicated to the possibility of getting married in the cellar which is also a historic institution for weddings in Franciacorta: Villa Baiana.

Professionalism and availability for future spouses are the key words that have accompanied this activity since 1995.

Villa Baiana and Tenute La Montina find in the “Family”, together with the close relationship with the in-house chefs and all the staff, the strength to create unique services and events of the highest quality.

The importance of the organization of the wedding, which goes well with the express cuisine, from appetizers to desserts.

The close relationship leads couples to return over the years in this historic and beautiful residence in Franciacorta and to enjoy their food.

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Video, Ph.Credits & Project: Andrea Mutti