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Wedding participations to excite your guests

Wedding invitations have the important role of introducing and describing the wedding day, from the beginning.

Through participation you can anticipate the style of the event, your personality and your tastes.

Partecipazioni Chantilly professionals assure us that the participations studied and cured are able to excite and make the heart beat to the guests who will receive it.

The wedding invitations can have a theme, anticipate and coordinate with the floral arrangements chosen for the wedding in Franciacorta, it can be colorful, minimal, with handcrafted illustrations or without designed elements, with geometric elements, it can be more impersonal or decidedly romantic.

In summary, a good wedding attendance will be able to represent you, future spouses, on your most important day.

Chantilly does exactly this: it creates your wedding announcements by hand. The craftsmanship also ensures that your participations are unique and exclusive.

Alessandra and Daniele’s shop has opened its doors for ten years now, with the aim of responding to requests from couples who want to stand out.

Communicating the decision to join in marriage is certainly an exciting moment, to be shared with close friends and relatives.

For this reason this is right to give value to such a special act as the delivery of wedding invitations.

How to discover Chantilly’s craftsmanship?

There are no pre-packaged catalogs, because each participation is born from the meeting of always new and tailor-made ideas, the participations will be unique, exactly like each couple.

Chantilly wedding invitations speak for themselves: in the artisan workshop you will find exposed creations that can be touched by hand, so as to become familiar with materials and shapes.

The expectations of the spouses are fulfilled

The personalization of the wedding invitations starts from the choice of the format.

This step is followed by the closure of the envelope, by the choice of colours, materials and style together with the future spouses.

Subsequently Alessandra and Daniele will interpret your ideas and requests, presenting tailor-made drafts.

What distinguishes Chantilly from others?

The work of Partecipazioni Chantilly is distinguished by the completely personalized processing of creating your participations.

Summing everything up in one sentence would be too rieducative.

Here is a list that will help you to understand why entrust them with the announcement of your wedding in Franciacorta:

  • All-round style and advice in the choice of materials and combinations;
  • The personalized study of design, details and graphics proposed, all starting from the tastes of the future spouses. So without starting from a pre-established catalog.
  • The opportunity to customize your participation to make it unique;
  • Accuracy and respect for delivery times, so as to avoid surprises that could send you into confusion or panic during the wedding preparation;
  • Creation of press coordinates for the wedding: in addition to the participation, the ceremony booklet, the menu, the fan, the packaging for the wedding favor, the guests or the tableau de mariage.

At the base of Chantilly’s creations it is always possible to find an attention to detail that could be considered manic.

The goal is always to make the couple’s most important day unique and exciting.

You can distinguish yourself and give an invitation that contains all your love and your personality, so as to immediately involve those who will share the emotions of the wedding among the vineyards of Franciacorta with you.

So if you want to be able to announce your wedding with unique wedding invitations, in line with the style of your wedding, discover the works of Chantilly and visit the craft workshop.

Alessandra and Daniele are waiting for you!