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Interview with Simone Marulli, handmade wedding dresses designer – Love In Franciacorta

Interview with Simone Marulli, the artisan wedding dresses designer

Continue in our blog with the beauty of Simone Marulli’s handmade wedding dresses.

Today we are together with the designer of bespoke wedding dresses: Simone Marulli, who recently joined us in the project that wants to unite the best wedding professionals in the vineyards.

For those who don’t know him yet, who is Simone Marulli in the world

Simone Marulli is one of the youngest designers in Italy and made fabulous handmade wedding dresses.

His passion for fashion, mixed with his creativity, led him to produce unique handmade wedding dresses and entirely Made in Italy.

The Simone Marulli collections dedicated to handmade wedding dresses are in his seventh edition, while his ceremonial and “pret a porter” collections have been around for a longer time.

His origins

Simone was born in Brescia, lived for many years in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, he still attends Franciacorta today, to “escape” from the hectic Milanese life.

He took his first steps in the fashion world in Franciacorta, to then travelled and landed in Milan, where he began his ascent into the world of handmade wedding dresses.

Simone’s indelible memory is that of his childhood, in which he spent whole afternoons drawing women in “Marie Antoinette” clothes.

He likes to think that at 4 years of age his fate with handmade wedding dresses was already sealed. We of Love In Franciacorta think it is true.

abiti da sposa artigianali

A life dedicated to his handmade wedding dresses

Who knows him well, alzo knows that Simone Marulli is a very humble person and a great worker.

He works for and with passion first of all, he loves to make the women, who choose him, beautiful and unique after seeing his iconic collections of handmade wedding dresses.

To date Simone Marulli has an atelier where 10 trusted seamstresses work.

Professional craftsmen who touch, cut and sew fine fabrics giving life to real dreams in these bespoke and unique wedding dresses.

His fashion awards

His first recognition in the field of fashion dates back to 2000 when Simone won the Alviero Martini scholarship in the Riccione Moda Italia competition, a competition for young emerging designers.

The following year he won a scholarship at Kingstone University in London, recognized by the knitwear factory Miss Deanna – Giorgio Armani.

In 2003 Simone was then among the finalists of the Limoni Fashion competition, organized by Limoni perfumeries. Hence his first steps in the “pret a porter“, with the Simone Marulli brand “Made For You“.

In 2005 the National Chamber of Italian Fashion selected Simone Marulli among the 5 European finalists to present his first collection at Milan Fashion Week.

In 2009 he was invited to bring his collection to the Palazzo di Vetro, a UNESCO site in Paris.

Subsequently, the prize at Expo 2015 for his wedding dresses in casein recycled milk fiber and wedding dresses with edible embroidery.

Then the selection of his clothes at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Finally, the project “Questione di Pelle” real Leather is real sustainability, where a rigid jury has selected his work, which can be admired in a permanent exhibition at the Lineapelle headquarters in Milan.

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The approach with brides

The Simone Marulli headquarters is a minimal environment.

An atélier away from gilded furniture and period buildings, not to his taste unless well contextualized.

Simone usually meets with future brides for tea or coffee.

This is an opportunity for a long cognitive chat and it is there that he imagines the bride at the altar with his handmade wedding dress, exclusively designed for her.

The experience and passion for his work allow Simone to immediately understand the needs of the bride he faces.

Subsequently it will show the items present in atèlier, describing in detail the fabrics and processes.

Then, accompanying the bride on a quick tour of the studio, he will explain in more detail and step by step, how her dress will be created.

The project, the raw material combined with the handmade of his seamstresses, to create unique wedding dresses

Once the dress and fabrics to be used have been selected, measures will be taken to start the tailoring of the garments.

They start by creating and cutting the handmade tailor-made pattern.

Then, having all the parts carefully cut, the seamstresses will start to sew the entire dress by hand, with a long stitch, so that it can be worked again in the next step.

When the dress is semi-sewn, the “first test” phase will take place on the bride.

The first test is a fundamental and delicate phase.

The fit is perfected and all the details to be made on the garment are decided.

Usually after the third test, the dress will be ready for the ironing, packaging and delivery phase.

Brides, but also weddings and ceremony dresses… And not only

Simone explains that creativity, like imagination, has no boundaries.

Women who go to Simone’s atelier can ask for any tailored item of clothing, from the trousers of an office suit, to handmade wedding dresses.

This is also the case for men, from suits for the office to a groom or ceremony suit.

Fabulous Made in Italy wedding dresses

The materials that Simone Marulli uses for handmade wedding dresses are silk or silk blend fabrics, Mikado, Georgette, tulle, satin, gazar and organza of all kinds and colours.

Currently it also uses recycled vegetable or polyester fibers.

In this way he has the opportunity to meet brides who are more attentive to the sustainability and health of our planet.

A beautiful novelty

For some time Simone Marulli has made sure that his creativity is not directed “only” towards the creation of handmade wedding dresses, groom’s, and tailored suits …

The Simone Marulli “Preview” collection is just born and it is addressed to the bridesmaids in a glam version.

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Social Media according to Simone

Simone does not particularly like social networks, but being fundamental, he works with passion daily.

Simone considers social media as an excellent channel to be exploited to know, explore and inform.

The web, Simone tells us, is an immediate channel, necessary today to communicate and be known.

Why not follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on his website!

All brides can dream handmade wedding dresses. Simone’s dreams

Simone excites us by talking about his dreams.

He would like to land in America. In addition to Italy, he would like to expand his Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean foreign market.

Simone tells us about the new possibilities for the Middle East market that he is evaluating, and then he returns to Franciacorta, his homeland.


We, at Love In Franciacorta, thank Simone Marulli for the time he dedicated to us.

We hope, future brides, to have intrigued you with his splendid bespoke and handcrafted wedding dresses.

You can view his works and contact him directly from his showcase, in our portal.

We hope that our presentation articles by the professional partners of Love In Franciacorta will be a starting point for you, so we refer you to the next article!