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Wedding arrangements? How to organize them. Interview with EP Events Design – Love in Franciacorta

Organizing fabulous wedding arrangements in Franciacorta, but how?

Today we present you Alessia and Emanuela of EP Events Design, specialists in organizing wonderful wedding arrangements.

The dynamic girls have been partners of Love in Franciacorta for more than a year now, creative and volcanic, they always know how to enhance a wedding in the vineyards.

But let’s find out more about their work.

Let’s know better Ep Events Design

The EP Events Design project was born from the collaboration of two distinct professional figures, Alessia, florist and owner of the Peonia Handmade Flowers shop, and Emanuela (Event Designer).

They share a common vision of beauty and harmony in organizing fabulous wedding arrangements in Franciacorta and more.

Organizing wedding arrangements in Franciacorta, the origins

Emanuela explains how they have structured decades of experience in organizing wedding arrangements in Franciacorta and for customizing events.

The union and the birth of the EP project, on the other hand, is younger. Smiling Alessia explains how this adventure began about 5 years ago.

Two enthusiastic women about life

Alessia and Emanuela exploit their personal experiences and an infinite passion to do what they love most: organize wedding arrangements in Franciacorta and throughout Italy.

They are two girls who are enthusiastic about life, who daily face those challenges that arise in the world of work at the door of their craft workshop.

This positive approach unites them, making them determined to grow.

Creativity is stimulated to always find new styles.

Satisfying the spouses is obviously the most important goal for Alessia and Emanuela.

For this reason, they always organize tailor-made arrangements for all weddings.

The approach with the spouses, to organize wedding arrangements tailored made

The headquarters of EP Events design is an environment that fully reflects Emanuela and Alessia.

Imagine, these two young women as they organize wedding arrangements transforming flowers and raw materials into dream decorations for this unique day: the wedding.

Whether it’s a civil or religious ceremony, beauty and harmony never fails with EP Events Design!

Their creative laboratory in which the spouses will be welcomed, transmits warmth, but above all experience and professionalism.

The spouses thus discover how much work is required for the conception and creation of wedding arrangements.

Alessia and Emanuela are contacted by the spouses mainly thanks to word of mouth. Today, however, the web is becoming increasingly popular and communication on social networks, too.

Emanuela and Alessia meet with the future spouses for a coffee.

Clearly it is an escamotage for a first cognitive chat.

In this way, the girls of EP Event Design begin to understand a little more the wishes of the couples met.

At this point, creativity begins to march and the first ideas aimed at organizing personalized wedding arrangements are sketched.

The project, trends and personal tastes

Trends in wedding arrangements are important.

Alessia tells us how trends help them to always propose new ideas.

Emanuela reminds us, however, that, for them, it is even more important to get in tune with the tastes of the spouses, understand them and transform them into perfect wedding arrangements.

Looking each other in the eyes, Emanuela and Alessia smile and tell us that sometimes the basis for organizing wedding arrangements starts from a visual idea of ​​the couple.

Other times the starting point is a colour, other times an object capable of representing the couple’s personality.

The goal is always to develop the project up to its concrete realization, as if it were a tailored made suit.

Materials for wedding arrangements

The flowers, the wood, the steel, something vintage, the fabrics, the paper … every material can be the basis for the creation of wedding arrangements, the girls of EP Events Design know it very well.

Everything lies in coordinating their uses thanks to harmonious, effective, but always elegant solutions.

Dreams for the future of Alessia and Emanuela

EP Events Design was born as a small project to organize wedding arrangements, but over time it has grown.

Emanuela and Alessia’s dream could be summarized schematically in three points:

– create weddings and events that are increasingly sought after,
– to grow through increasingly important challenges,
– to surround themselves, making synergy, with equally ambitious partners.

Ep Events Design and social

Alessia and Emanuela interact daily with their followers, sharing projects, both finished and work in progress.

They love what they do and share it to make themselves known and to have a continuous exchange.

Instagram and Facebook are their reference channels.

Wedding couples are very careful on the web, they know what they want and are looking for innovation and beauty for their most important day.

Their private life remains outside the social networks, as well as the sterile controversies now too present on the web.


We are at the end of our interview. We, at Love In Franciacorta, thank Alessia and Emanuela for telling us a little bit about their project.

Future spouses, we invite you to know the EP Events Design project directly from their showcase in our portal, you can in fact view their works and contact them directly.

We update with the next article…