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The groom’s witness

Dear future spouses, did you think we had forgotten you in the article dedicated to the witnesses of the brides? By par condicio, here is the post designed for you: the groom’s witness.

Being chosen as a witness for the wedding in Franciacorta is certainly a sign of great trust, esteem and brotherhood by the groom.

It often happens that those who are chosen as a wedding witness are worried about the idea of ​​having to take on many tasks and responsibilities.

We thus forget that being chosen to fill this role is a great privilege.

Generally speaking, the wedding witness should assist the groom at various times.

We talk about the wedding preparation phase, but also during the ceremony and the subsequent reception in Franciacorta.

It is known that there must be at least two witnesses, one for each of the spouses. In some cases, however, the number can go up to a maximum of three for each.

Often it is a simple choice by the spouses.

The groom’s witness, which tasks

The types of tasks entrusted to the groom’s wedding witness can be summarized in two macro groups:

  • The groom’s witness has an institutional and bureaucratic task, that is to certify the authenticity and regularity of the rite.
  • The groom’s witness has a task belonging to the emotional sphere, that is to assist and support the groom in the path towards the big step and in the subsequent married life of the couple.

The first task is accomplished with relative simplicity, just a little attention and the signature on the marriage register.

On the second task of the groom’s wedding witness it is possible to spend a few more words.

Those who have never held the role of witness of the groom could have doubts about the practical tasks they are entitled to.

Specifically, what should a groom’s wedding witness do?

Bachelor party

Generally the witness never fails at the bachelor party.

In many cases, it is the witness who, in agreement with the other friends, takes care of organizing this party or “escape”.
A tip, do not exaggerate and do not force the groom to do what he does not feel.

You will have to be skilled at involving and making everything a fun experience.

Another tip, avoid bachelor parties too close to the wedding date.

You don’t want to be complicit in a hangover that can mark your wedding day!

The ceremony

During the celebration of the rite, the wedding witness sits behind the groom or at his side.

Tradition has it that one of the groom’s witnesses keeps the wedding rings from the day of purchase until the wedding day.

Once in church or at the ceremony location he will have to entrust them to the page or the bridesmaid who will take them to the altar.

Alternatively, he can arrange for them to be sent to the priest when the rings are exchanged.

This tradition is not widely followed, perhaps for the many forgetful people?

The witness during the rite

In the civil ceremony the witnesses can be involved by reading a dedication to the celebrated.

In the case of a religious rite, however, the witnesses could read the passages of the gospels chosen by the spouses.

Finally, the wedding witnesses (both of the groom and the bride) sign the church register to sanction the authenticity of the rite.

And after the ceremony

Always talking about church wedding, according to etiquette, witnesses should be the last to leave the church. This is because it would be up to them to leave the offer to the priest.

In fact in 99% of cases this does not happen.

On the other hand, the groom’s witness will be on the front line in organizing the throwing of the rice, the confetti or, in any case, in the riot of joy that will take place at the exit of the church.

During the reception

When taking seats at the banquet tables, the witness is given a place of honor at the same table as the couple or at a nearby table, sometimes together with the couple’s parents.

The witness announces the first toast, to which he can accompany a speech (it is a more widespread tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries, but now increasingly present also in the wedding in Franciacorta).

The clothing of the groom’s witness

An unwritten rule requires that witnesses adopt clothing in keeping with that of the spouses.

For example, if the groom is in tight, the groom’s witness should do the same.

Or, male witnesses should wear the flagship like that of the groom and the fathers of both spouses.

In general, the wedding witness should buy the suit in the same atelier where the groom served.

The wedding gift

The gift should also live up to the important role of the groom’s witness. One idea could be to give the wedding rings or the wedding photo shoot.


The groom’s wedding witness is certainly a very important and meaningful figure.

The duties of the witness very often do not require particular efforts, especially if the bond with the groom is strong and firm, so as to make each step very natural.

So future couples, don’t worry, you will have at your side the best shoulder you could aspire to reach your day with serenity and joy.

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