Due Colombe restaurant, interview with the chef Stefano Cerveni (part 1) – Love in Franciacorta

Experience in the catering and events sector, passion and creativity in the kitchen are key points for Sara and Stefano Cerveni of the starred restaurant Due Colombe.

We talk about menus, hospitality, good wine, but above all parties … where the organization of the wedding makes the difference.

This is how the video interviews with Love’s partners in Franciacorta continue.

Through these videos we are able to tell you about the passions that day after day characterize the work of professionals in the world of weddings.

And so, near the 15th August, here our chat with Sara and Stefano Cerveni.

For many couples of future spouses, the organization of the wedding is on the agenda, what better way to understand which professionals to rely on, if not knowing them?
You can contact the Due Colombe restaurant, but also all our wedding professionals in Franciacorta for advice on how to organize your day of love!

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If you want to read the full interview with chef Stefano Cerveni, here is the link to the dedicated article.

If you want to contact the staff of the Due Colombe, Ristorante al Borgo Antico directly, visit the window or visit the the restaurant website.

Video, Ph.Credits & Project: Andrea Mutti