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The bride’s witness – The advice of Love In Franciacorta

The bride’s witness in the heart of your wedding in Franciacorta

Getting married in Franciacorta means organizing the wedding to perfection, without neglecting any detail, including the figures closest to the spouses: the witness of the bride, the witness of the groom, parents and closest relatives.

Leaving aside the purely bureaucratic part relating to signatures, being the wedding witness of the bride is a truly beautiful, important and full of responsibility role.

When the bride chooses the witness, she should not base her decision “only” on the “friend of trust” factor.

The bride’s witness must be a person you can count on, rely on and be able to manage some “critical” moments with lucidity and self-control.

The tasks of the wedding witness in practice

The key word for a perfect bride’s witness is “support”.

For a wedding in Franciacorta, or not, the perfect wedding witness must always be in support of the bride, at any time.

She will have to attend her dress rehearsals, support the future bride in choosing wedding favors and, in general, help her in any choice regarding her wedding in Franciacorta.

Organizational skills are another very important point.

The bride’s wedding witness will be the main organizer of her bachelorette party, which will have to be perfectly in line with the bride’s personality and her wishes.

A note: we recommend good taste and carefully select the list invited to the ceremony or to the hen party.

The witness will also have to keep an eye on the veil (in case there is no Wedding Planner) and make sure that it is always positioned correctly.

If there were no pages, the wedding witness will almost certainly be in charge of keeping the wedding rings.

Among the witness’s duties, the organization of the games during the wedding in Franciacorta can also be mentioned.

Often, however, these games are really not very chic and we, at Love In Franciacorta, believe it is essential to understand whether to do them or whether it is better to “give up”.

They could be expressly requested by the bride, but also in this case by evaluating the type of marriage and if they were out of place, it would be the job of the wedding witness to try to make her desist from this choice.

One more tip: short and addicting games.

The speech of the wedding witness

The speech in honor of the spouses (in this case, especially of the bride) is another phase of the wedding in Franciacorta which her witness cannot miss.

Of course, this is a custom that is not excessively widespread in Italy.

At the same time, however, it can offer fun and truly emotional moments for an unforgettable day, such as your wedding in Franciacorta.

Some practical advice: no to too “soft” talk and yes to irony used intelligently.

The outfit of the bride’s witness in Franciacorta

The witness of the bride for the wedding in Franciacorta will have to focus on an elegant outfit, avoid necklines or dizzying slits.

For colours, the classic rules perfect to weddings must be applied: no to black and white. Also avoiding too bright or fluorescent colours.

It is good to remember that the wedding witness’s clothing must in no way obscure the bride.

An advice: don’t be too flashy.


Being the bride’s witness is a wonderful role.

Whoever is chosen will know that she is one of the most important people in the life of the future bride, with whom she wanted to share her big day.

Being close to the bride, helping her even when she doesn’t ask for it and forgiving her for “no moments” will be the arduous task of the wedding witness.

Brides, friends of the bride, if you are looking for ideas for a wedding in Franciacorta, contact us.

In the article, we always talked about the perfect wedding witness of the bride thinking to a girl.

Nothing prevents the bride from having a boy as perfect wedding witness 😉.