Classic blue per le nozze in Franciacorta

Classic Blue for the wedding – Pantone color for getting married in Franciacorta

Classic Blue for wedding: The Pantone 2020 colour to get married in Franciacorta

Do you remember our article on the colour of the wedding? Today we will give you a starting point, talking about the Classic Blue for the wedding.

Every year in December the Pantone company shows us the colour of the year and for 2020 the Classic Blue has been decreed.

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is a truly elegant colour in its simplicity thanks to the shade of blue, a truly timeless colour.

Through this colour you can recall the sky at dusk, that magical moment defined by photographers as “Blue hour”. We speak of a nuance capable of transmitting calm and tranquility.

Due to its characteristics, Classic Blue could become the colour of many weddings in Franciacorta.

The couples who will choose the Classic Blue for their wedding in Franciacorta are probably couples who love the classic and the traditional styles.

Dosed in the right proportion and combined with other colours, depending on the style of the wedding in Franciacorta, the Pantone 19-4052 could give beautiful emotions, we, at Love In Franciacorta, are sure about it.

The different uses

The Pantone Classic Blue colour could be combined (for a more eclectic result) with solar colours such as yellow and orange.

Think, for example, of settings up with majolica and citrus fruits that, on a clear summer day, would be able to give your wedding in Franciacorta the perfect combination of freshness and taste.

Can you imagine this magic for your wedding?

The Pantone Classic Blue colour matched only to white, would instead take on a more formal and “candid” connotation.

The palette with sand and turquoise colour could also be very interesting.

Not only wedding arrangements

The groom’s suit in this Classic Blue would give an innate class to the man who decides to wear it.

As for the wedding dresses, or the variant designed for the evening change of the bride’s dress, this shade could certainly become a must of the season.

In conclusion

What do you think future spouses? Do you like Classic Blue for your wedding? Contact us to find out more.