Il segnaposto al tavolo delle nozze in Franciacorta

Wedding placeholder table in Italy – Love In Franciacorta

Wedding placeholder in Italy

These are the details that will make the difference on your wedding day, and wedding placeholder for the tables will be a small and welcome “courtesy for guests“.

It is an element that will recall the soul of the guests selected for a table and which, for this reason, will be appreciated and remembered for a long time.

Today, as already introduced, we want to talk about the placeholder at the table for the wedding in Franciacorta.

Tasty ideas to get married in Franciacorta with an unforgettabble placeholder

On the web you will find many ideas for wedding placeholder.

We, at Love in Franciacorta, have selected some that we consider particularly appealing, hoping they will inspire you.

Green or country table marker

The classic wedding placeholder card can be fixed, for example, on a seedling that you have potted yourself, on a twig or on a small bouquet of flowers, in theme with those chosen for the centerpiece (all perfectly combined with your wedding in Franciacorta of course).

For the winter you could also think of using splendid pine cones or hollies instead of flowers, so as to create a typically winter placeholder.

Wedding placeholder for cooking lovers

Are you passionate about cooking and do you consider it your home kingdom?

Why not bring this passion to your wedding in Franciacorta? For example, you could set the name of the guests to a jar of homemade jam or honey.

Another possibility for your wedding placeholder could be to insert spices into a glass test tube.

Table marker for those who love to shine

A beautiful alternative would be to leave each guest with a bright star to light during the cutting of the wedding cake.

You can decorate and customize this wand with a label in theme with the wedding in Franciacorta.

For example, you could personalize it with your initials and the wedding date in Franciacorta.

Perfume lovers

Why don’t you put some very fragrant lavender inside canvas bags, maybe personalized also through your initials and the wedding date in Italy?

For those who are more fond of “do it yourself”, it would not be bad to make personalized plaster perfumers of course!

What do you need for your wedding placeholder? Chalk powder, a stencil for chocolates (maybe heart-shaped or in line with the theme of the wedding) and essential oils for a fragrant note, that never hurts.


Wedding placeholders for reading lovers

Each place has a personalized placeholder at the wedding table¬†with the guest’s name, with an important phrase for you, your initials and the wedding date in Franciacorta.

Did you think of something more? Why not offer one or more books, the title of which will be able to represent your guests?

With this article, we hope to have inspired you in organizing your wedding; who knows how many of you have already chosen where to get married in Franciacorta.

For more info, do not hesitate to contact our partners directly from their windows.