Il colore delle nozze in Franciacorta

Colour of the wedding in Italy – Love In Franciacorta recommends

The colour of the wedding in Franciacorta

What will be the colour of the wedding in Italy suitable for your tastes? This is usually one of the many questions that spouses ask themselves more and more often (in reality it is a question that brides ask themselves mainly).

However, not everyone knows what we are talking about.

The colour of the wedding is nothing more than the chromatic dominance chosen to characterize your wedding in Franciacorta.

The answer to the brides who wonder how and what colour to choose for their wedding is not unique.

Obviously, there is no rule for defining the colour for your wedding.

In fact, this is a personal aspect and it must be defined on the basis of the style of the wedding and the tastes of the future spouses.

What matters is that the nuance chosen is in line with the entire theme of your wedding day in Franciacorta.

If you choose a particularly bright colour (“unconventional” for a wedding), it must be balanced with more subtle and delicate colours.

You will therefore have to seek balance.

The colour of the wedding, what questions to ask yourself

Asking yourself the following questions, before choosing the colour palette for your wedding, will certainly help the brides make the right decision.

  • The colour¬†chosen is in line with the wedding location in Franciacorta?
  • Do you follow the theme of the wedding in Franciacorta?
  • In what season will the wedding in Franciacorta take place?
  • How is it possible to insert this colour into the wedding, without weighing everything down?

It is clear, for example, that if we decide to get married in Franciacorta, in a farmhouse or in a rustic farmhouse, in our opinion the fluorescent colours would be absolutely to be avoided.

However, no worries, as the choice of location for weddings in Franciacorta is really wide!

Not only farms for weddings, you can choose between the beautiful villas and historic residences in Franciacorta, resorts vocated for weddings, wineries to celebrate your wedding surrounded by the typical colours of the vineyards

How then could the theme of colour be developed coherently within the wedding in Franciacorta?

The chromatic choice will always be fundamental.

If you have opted for a pastel colour, your freedom of choice will be decidedly infinite.

You can re-propose the chosen colour and its chromatic variations on the tablecloths, curtains, cushions, structural or decorative elements of the wedding location, thus giving the entire preparation of the wedding in Franciacorta a studied and elegant style.

If the selected colour is brighter, our advice will be to use it mainly in the floral arrangement. Avoid the other decorative elements, so you will be able to give the whole an elegant and refined soul, despite the strong colour choice.

In conclusion

It will be good to choose a colour that meets all the criteria described in this article.

The colour of your wedding must be able to reflect the tastes and character of the spouses who are choosing to get married in Franciacorta


“The final choice of the colour of your wedding in Franciacorta is up to you and don’t waste time, contact one or more professionals of Love In Franciacorta.

P.S.: In the next article we will talk about a very particular colour for this 2020.