Organizzare le nozze in Franciacorta

Organize a wedding in Italy – Second part

How to organize a wedding in Italy – Second part

We have already told you that organize a wedding in Italy and in Franciacorta requires clear ideas, now we continue to give you some useful information.

The various wedding services in Franciacorta

The photographer for example. Have you found the perfect wedding photographer for you? Block him/her as soon as possible!

There are couples who, wishing to have that particular photographer, often they contact him/her before confirming the date of the location to be safe, in case of his/her unavailability for a certain date, to move it to a date still free for him/her.

Why so much importance to this figure? Well, spend your wedding in Franciacorta, what will remain of your perfect day if not the authorial shots of your “trusted reporter”?

Another tip to keep in mind when organizing your wedding: have a good look at the photographic style.

How the photographer (or photographers) will manage the day, when he/she is present, when he/she considers his/her work closed and, of course, what will be delivered.

Organizing the wedding is also…

Organizing your wedding in Franciacorta also means: the search for the wedding dress and, in the meantime, to start contacting the other suppliers.

Among these there are the florists or who will manage the flower arrangements of your wedding (whether it is a wedding with a religious ceremony or a civil one).

You will have to choose who will create the invitations and other coordinated elements for the wedding in Franciacorta, such as menus, wedding bags, missals, tableau de mariage, table markers, etc.

Wedding invitations are an element very, very important!

These “invitations” will be the visiting card of your wedding in Franciacorta.

In addition to providing the basic logistical information for your guests, they will have to represent and anticipate the theme, colour and, above all, the style chosen for the big day.

The creation of these wedding coordinates, in addition to being a process that can take a long time, will also be decisive in the subsequent choice of all the other elements of your wedding, including floral arrangements, bridal and groom accessories, makeup … and the wedding cake, too.

Yes, the wedding cake. Generally, in fact, this greedy detail is offered directly by the restaurant or catering chosen.

But if you prefer to entrust your dessert buffet and its queen to a specific pastry shop you can certainly do it!

Clearly we, at Love in Franciacorta, suggest a toast based on Franciacorta wine.

Nothing will be left to chance

Organizing the wedding means that every detail must harmoniously recall the other for a result that will satisfy the most demanding spouses … or, perhaps, it is better to say the most demanding brides.

The next step to the graphic coordinated will be to search for the bridal makeup artist, the car for the newlyweds (unless, preparation, ceremony and reception are in one place), the music for the wedding, any animators, the wedding rings, the travel agency and the groom’s wedding suit.

Last but not least, wedding favors, the hairdresser for the bride and the barber for the groom will be chosen.

With regard to wedding favors, food and wine solutions will certainly be appreciated.
You can still find solutions suitable for every taste.

These too must respect the style and theme of the wedding.

For example, try asking who will manage the wedding invitations and all the coordinates.
You will be surprised by their proposals.


Can it seem complicated to follow every aspect of the wedding organization?
For this reason, wedding planners exist.

Of course, the intervention of this figure will become one of the priority aspects on your list, based on the budget allocated for the wedding.

However, this choice will certainly relieve you of thoughts and worries.

Do not worry about, future spouses, an advice we can give you to organize your wedding is to follow this guide, to make a Check List to be ticked every time you have concluded a stage on how to organize your wedding in Italy.

Do you need specific advice for each role in organizing the wedding of your dreams in Franciacorta? Visit the windows of our partners, you can contact them directly.