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Getting married during winter in Italy – The magic of winter weddings

Getting married during winter in Italy

Getting married during winter is not an expected choice. Winter weddings in Italy could be a great choice for your dream wedding.

Catering companies and wedding planners know that summer is the wedding season, thanks to sunny longlasting days.

In Franciacorta, noble dwellings characterized by beautiful parks but even holiday farms
with sunny courtyards overlooking vineyards are perfect places for summer or spring weddings.

There is somebody who, instead, cannot stand hot temperatures and somebody who simply likes the magic of Christmas and colder months.

This is the reason why some spouses choose to get married during winter.

Winter ceremonies in Italy and in Franciacorta, strong points

  • Economic reasons. A wedding in Italy in a “low season” period could be a smart and convenient choice.
  • Guarantee of more dates available to get married during winter, but even more availability of time by the organizers to take care about the ceremony in Franciacorta in greater details.
  • Novelty. Winter ceremonies in Italy will prove to be advantageous even under the variety point of view.

While summer weddings in Franciacorta, from May to September, could propose similar themes more and more times, during winter months, thanks to holidays period too, you could use more characteristic and focused decorations.

Different ideas to get married during winter

If you think about winter, which is the image that comes to your mind at first?

Imagination goes to warm blankets, hot chocolate for the guests, lights and Christmas

Just try to connect these images to the mindset of getting married during winter in

You could also choose a comfy and familiar atmosphere using red and gold shades.

Alternatively, you could take a chance using white and colder shades, typical for an elegant White Christmas, but in Franciacorta.

You never know what to do on new year’s eve?

Organizing a wedding in Italy on December 31st could be a great idea, with all the lights and frills and fireworks.

Moreover you will get the chance to spend the new year’s eve together with all of the persons who are dearest to you.

Without thinking about the idea to start a new life on the new year’s eve.

Who believes in destiny?

Getting married during winter, with country chic style

A winter country chic ceremony is a unique event, which smells like forest accompanied by earth and wood colours, together with scottish tartan softness.

Those are just some of the unlimited ideas for winter ceremonies, for dream weddings in north Italy.

Ah! And don’t forget about lights and candles.

During winter period they’re needed. Beyond the magical atmosphere they can create, they will help during short daylights with a lot of darkness hours.

Apparently the few number of light hours and the use of candles could seem a problem. In reality it could be a precious resource to organize a very elegant ceremony in Italy.

Darkness could be lighted up by lights falls and lanterns and by candles with different shapes and dimensions.

A light triumph for sparkling winter ceremonies in Franciacorta.

You should just make a wish, asking for suggestions to those who will organize the location preparation.

Elegance to get married during winter

The grace of the bride in fur coat (artificial too, nowadays high-profile fashion ateliers propose alternatives without compromises), wool and precious details are magical.

As far as the dress is concerned, the bride who decides to get married during winter shouldn’t settle for compromises.

There are wonderful winter dresses which are extremely smart.

Considering that during winter the party takes place indoor mainly, you have a lot of choice for the dress.

The dress will have to match to a cashmere shawl or a fur coat, or even to a romantic cloak with train and hood.

The password for winter ceremonies is “precious details”.


We from Love In Franciacorta hope to have aroused your curiosity, maybe encouraged you to try different solutions for winter ceremonies.

Get in touch with us and ask us for more info to get married during winter in Italy, we will be happy to give you many useful advices for planning your wedding.