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Interview to the make-up artist Michela Salvadori

Today we took some time for chatting with Michela Salvadori, Make-up artist participating to the portal of wedding among vineyards.

Michela, who calls herself a “home make-up artist”, is a woman who is literally enthusiastic about her job.

She is an always smiling person, and surely curious about news that year after year attract her.

Let’s start asking some questions.

How has she started like wedding make-up artist?

Michela Salvadori takes care about women beauty since 18 years.

She started as beauty consultant with a product line for skin care taking care about her clients, but that was not enough.

Michela wanted to be present in their 360-degree care and therefore also with the make-up.

So she starts her instruction up, with both private and regional classes.

Teaching women to love themselves taking care of themselves” is her task.

The approach to the bride make-up and the relationship with her customers

During her classes, she had the opportunity to analyze the part of the bride and
photographic make-up.

According to Michela the two qualifications go at the same speed and are essential in a bride aesthetic.

Make-up and hairstyle will have to remain untouched until evening comes. Wedding pictures that last in time will always be excellent.

Techniques for performance and duration of the bride make-up combined with techniques to obtain a superlative result in photography, will make the bride perfect in time.

But Michela make-up artist job is not only the result of using technique and high-quality make up.

Empathy is her mark with “her” brides, her strong point.

The bride make-up trial has to be done some months in advance and it is an essential part to guarantee her job quality and her brides satisfaction.

Make-up artist needs to know people character, she has to touch their face, feel their skin, understand their features morphology and colors.

The magic of the relationship happens during the bride’s make-up trials, so that the bride-to-be will succeed to relax despite the excitement for her wedding in Franciacorta: she is at ease both with herself and her make-up artist.

The wedding topic, one thing not to underestimate

Michela reminds us that the bride make-up will have to be appropriate (for morphology, character and colors) but it will also have to denote the wedding topic and colors, highlighted by the bride dress, the bouquet and the flowers setting up.

The bride will always have to be the best version of herself, there is no distortions, the bride make-up has to add value and not to change.

The wedding day

After the different make-up trials, Michela and her bride are close-knit and ready for the grat day.

On the wedding day Michela gets to the location, or home, with the bride’s personal notepaper (which has been created during the previous months) and she begins the make- up phase.

Michela who in the past was a fashion designer, is really able to make the bride feel at ease (the same also with the bride mother, sisters and witnesses).

Thanks to her tailoring acknowledgment, she can also face unexpected events that could create imbalances in a so important day.

Just think about the anxiety to set a stuck zipper in a so critical moment!

This is an added value that Michela donates from her heart, and so an experience not to underestimate.

After all she arrives in people life in a very important day, and we are first of all humans.

The make-up artist excitement while she tells us about her lifetime makes an impact.

Michela tells us that a bride make-up is absolutely personal.

Trends has to be taken with forceps. What’s important is not only fashion, but adding value to each bride beauty and minimize defects.

As a matter of fact Michela prefers not to realize make-up contouring which are too much accentuated and she prefers avoiding smokey eyes, which are usually not used for bridal make-ups.

But if the bride is a rock and roll one and she requests it because maybe she will wear a dress combined with boots, as Michela has already experienced, why not?!

Beautiful memories about her weddings

Our make-up artist Michela has a stunning memory, she remembers about all of her brides, she has got a photo album with all of them, as if they were her daughters.

For example, her bride who got in touch with her one month later for the mother second marriage: of course different make-ups, but a lot of passion.

Or, as above mentioned, the beautiful bride in a classic dress but with a rock and roll streak highlighted by boots and the wedding party type, or sweets secrets narrated by brides mothers while she makes them up with her skillful hands.

Also the fact that on that day there are all women, Michela tells us, is a real moment of harmony and complicity during which they help each other , they understand well, they get excited and they are a part of a unique moment in a lifetime.

As you could see we have started our presentation articles of Love In Franciacorta’s partners, and later on you could continue reading Michela story, our reference make-up artist.