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Bridal make-up by Michela Salvadori – Love In Franciacorta Part 2

Interview to Michela Salvadori, expert in bridal make-up – Part 2

Suggestions for a perfect bridal make-up

Let’s go on talking about bridal make-up with our reference make-up artist, Michela.

Skin care and high-quality products, to get prepared to wedding day are the base for a successful bridal make-up.

Matt-finish and long lasting, must be the keywords for a make-up artist who wants to make her bride happy.

At the end of the day you have to remove your make-up, it does not have to liquefy during the day!

Moreover Michela reminds us that in the bridal make-up the skin matt-finish and this peach-feeling skin are essential.

It is a specific characteristic for the day which is really unique, typified by the long duration and the high number of heap of feelings brides live on that day.

Michela explains us that the bride colours balance is very important for the right bridal make-up.

Combining this factor with the bride character, her shape, her colours and her wedding topic rather than yearly fashion, allows you to get a happy and at ease bride in her personalized bridal make-up.

What can’t Michela miss in her make-up case for the bridal make-up

We have understood that, for the bridal make-up, Michela cannot miss the following things in her trolley:

  • A base to prepare the bride skin
  • A lot of high-quality products for every part of the bride face

Thereafter go ahead with fantasy, obviously basing on features, beauty and bride colours.

Socials according to Michela

In conclusion to her job, since a few years social networks arrived.

Michela admits it hasn’t been simple for her generation to start working with socials and make them becoming a part of their lives.

Step by step, understanding their importance, she put at the same speed her being a make-up artist as being a communicator of herself.

Socials have become so essential to show her works and the results of her bridal make-ups.

And that’s possible also thanks to the brides that often send her high-quality pictures, able to enhance this enormous job.

These pictures are above all a memory that Michela loves to keep in her personal album concerning the brides she had the pleasure to meet and take care of.

As she chose not to have a shop nor a window, socials give her the opportunity to make her known everyday.

Michela moves towards the brides that have chosen to entrust her their look with her trolley full with make-ups.

Socials are the most incisive means to show her works.


Michela judges herself lucky for her job and the possibility to add value to a woman beauty. And all through the bridal make-up.

It’s a job that often keeps her busy during weekends, but it gives her a lot of joy and the chance to do what she likes.

Talking about her job, she doesn’t care only about weddings.

Michela Salvadori organizes self make-up classes too, so that women learn how to add value to their look and they feel fine inside themselves.

Obviously a professional make-up has an added value, but for any woman learning to know her shape, her colours and her imperfections means improving herself through self-approval and esteem.

Another task she took by heart in the last years is organizing classes for women who are multiple sclerosis patients.

Those classes are the way to give faith back to people who have to fight phisically too in order to make daily movings considered common, due to their illness.

Bring the smile back to those who are going through a bad moment in their lives, is surely priceless.


The message Michela passes is learning to love and take care of ourselves.

In the end self-esteem comes from a good bridal make-up too.

We from Love in Franciacorta want to thank Michela for the time she dedicated us and we hope we have aroused you, brides-to-be curiosity.

We suggest you to meet her, so that you can give a look to her works and get in touch with her directly from her window in our portal.