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Wedding etiquettes, advices for the entrance to the church

Goodmorning bride and groom-to-be! Are you ready to talk about wedding etiquettes?

Last week we talked to you about the different entrance rituals to the church and how difficult it is to choose one or another.

Today we continue this topic talking about wedding etiquette in Italy more specifically.

Let’s face it, your wedding guests in Franciacorta won’t mandatorily be experts in “wedding galateo”.

Let’s be clear, nothing is mandatory, but it would be nice to know good manners art in this field too.

Wedding etiquettes in Italy: suggestions for everybody

The groom

His arrival is forcasted more or less 20 minutes before the timing indicated on the announcements.

Following wedding etiquette, the groom makes his entrance together with his mother, handing her out his left arm.

His arrival has to precede necessarily both bride and guests arrivals, so that he can welcome them and carry out the very first pleasantries.


The guests arrival has to follow some wedding etiquette rules too.

Punctuality is essential considering that it is forbidden to entering to the church after the bride.

Family and bride guests should place on the left side of the centrale nave, while the groom ones on the right side.

The first line seats is always reserved to parents and siblings, the second one to
grandparents, uncles and aunts, and the third one to the closest relatives and friends.

Moreover, no one should stop, greet or kiss the bride before her entrance in order to avoid to creasing the voile or ruining her make-up.

The bride

According to the wedding etiquette, a delay of 15 minutes maximum is allowed to the bride-to-be.

The bride makes her entrance at her father’s left who will lift the voile once they reach the altar and entrust her to the husband-to-be after shaking his hand symbolically (unless the bride and groom decide to make the entrance together).

Pageboys and bridemaids

Following the wedding etiquette, the entrance ritual imposes the pageboys to preced the bride, placed in lines of two, and just one carries the wedding rings pad.

The bride will be followed by the bridesmaids who, at a short distance in their ceremony dresses, will have the essential task of placing and carrying voile and train.

Wedding etiquettes: what is important to know about the entrance ritual to the church

The voile needs to be lowed before the entrance ritual to the church and kept lowed until the arrival to the altar.

The bride will have to place at her father’s left, as this is the position she will maintain at her groom side .

The flower bouquet will be carried by the left hand and kept at the navel height, as it shouldn’t hide the dress. Later it has to be placed on the bench or in a proper carrier, and reclaimed when exiting.

If wearing gloves, they should be pulled out when reaching the altar, so that it will be possible to wearing the wedding ring on the naked hand.

The bride will have to acquire an elegant and almost royal posture, her gaze will always be high towards the groom and the altar and she will never have to look at her feet, the step slow and confident so that friends and relatives could cherish her She won’t have to greet anybody making hand gestures, just offering sweet smiles to those who will greet.

In case you would like to organize a wedding in Franciacorta asking for a dress code, the wedding etiquette suggests to specify it in advance through wedding cards.

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