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Wedding calligraphy: personalizing is the password

Beauty stays in details! We from Love In Franciacorta firmly believe in this statement.

For a unique wedding in Franciacorta, personalizing even a little detail such as the wedding calligraphy or, more generally, the printing works for the coordinates, will give the party day that touch of extravagance.
Among the many choices to make for the wedding organization, in our opinion, using a good handwriting and suitable paper materiali is essential.

But what are we talking about?

The concept is easy, in reality. We are talking about all those details and elements characterized by texts.

More and more often the preference falls on wedding solutions and layouts which are characterized by handwritings with a fountain pen or pc font that recalls the handwriting.

Handwritten messages, will be characterized by a huge elegance and furthermore they will recall the details craftsmanship and will represent your care towards your guests.

A personalized wedding calligraphy will better reveal your style and personality. If well studied, it will then show how much you care, starting from the smallest of the details.

Who already know new trends in wedding field also knows that using printing works and, more specifically, calligraphy solutions has become a real must.

Wedding calligraphy art

Let’s then stop on handwritten solutions or calligraphy printing works, and let’s try to analyze some important point of this interesting topic. Let’s reorganize ideas.

Wedding calligraphy as essential part of wedding

Writing with a good handwriting is a difficult and arduous challenge? The answer is surely YES, at least for most of us!

This is the reason why there are real professionals dedicated to this art. People able to show you all the solutions to personalize everything with consistency and elegance, we do not talk about wedding invitations only.

Balance between wedding style and decorations

Besides giving an original and typifying touch, the wedding calligraphy will have a fundamental role giving the guests all the essential information about the wedding in Franciacorta.

Arm yourself with patience and imagination and it will be wonderful to be guided by these handwriting professionals in the world of paper and wedding calligraphy.

Little big steps that can build the base to personalize your wedding.

No redundancies

Clearly, style has to be the thread of a wedding in Franciacorta, properly because every single detail slots in perfectly with consistency and be able to embrace, at the very best, spouses choices, including dresses, fittings and animation.

Techniques for the most original ideas

In reality it is not mandatory to rely on expert calligraphists for the creation of smart and incisive solutions.

Internet is our fellow. As a matter of fact you can find many, many, many solutions and fonts that can fit with your wedding.

You can, for example, click on the following link to check how many the different font mixtures are, the different dimensions you can use to imprint the letters, the countless more or less valuable types of paper on which writing or the printing techniques.

In order to grant all your wishes just try to focus your preferences immediately, basing on your taste, so that you can ask for a precise and punctual suggestion to wrap the job.

Invitations, but not only

Calligraphy and printing works could personalize many different details of your wedding.
We are talking not just about the invitations, but also about ceremony booklets, tableau de mariage, name cards and thanksgiving inside the party favours.

Let’s not forget about the area designated for sugar almonds display or about wedding bags… Lose yourself!


The using of calligraphy will surely be noticed by the guests, starting from the invitations for your wedding in Franciacorta, so it’s up to you to choose.

Let’s update to the next article in Love in Franciacorta blog.

Happy Easter and raise a glass of Franciacorta!