Matrimonio civile in Franciacorta

Civil Wedding in Italy. Suggestions from Love in Franciacorta

Here we are again with the second article about useful suggestions to organize a civil wedding in Franciacorta.

Last week we suggested you some useful procedures to make your wedding ritual in location a real dream party.

Today we will mainly devote ourselves to the figures who can attend a civil wedding.

Enjoy the reading!

Celebrant for the civil wedding in Italy

Before getting married in Franciacorta with a civil ceremony it is necessary to find information about who can be the celebrant.

Sometimes you can find some municipal officers who are really good, and love being involved by the spouses stories.

Very often, instead, the wedding is carried out by authentic bureaucrats.

The risk is attending a cold ceremony, during which the wedding celebrant just reads the articles.

At the contrary the risk is entrusting your civil celebration to an even too much protagonist personality, “aspiring primedonne” who thinks about showing themselves off instead of giving value to the spouses.

So, it is better to entrust the celebration of the civil wedding in Franciacorta to a well valued professional, who will support the registrar for anything not related to his specific task.

It is often possible to obtain the delegation so that the celebrant you have chosen directly officiate with full legal value.

The importance of details for civil weddings

Compatible with the disposability of the place where you celebrate your civil wedding, the surroundings, the wedding set up you choose, the using of flower decorations and accessories such as ceremony booklets, rice containers, wedding bags and whatever else, will help expressing the concept that the civil wedding in Franciacorta is as important as the religious one.

Actually, it is the same good both for passion and involvement.

Music for civil ceremony

The civil ceremony situations will be more heart-felt and intense with an appropriate music accompaniment.

The joy of wedding march or of a significant song for the spouses, a concentration instant just before the wedding rings exchange, romantic background music during all the most important moments of the ceremony, it’s no small thing.

Choosing the right professionals is important. Among our partners we can offer different solutions, from the singer Saba Carletto to Active Times group, all able to taking care and making “magical” every moment.

Express your style without exageration

Friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances will all take the chance to give you suggestions, often not required. Everybody would push towards his dream wedding.
It is not right to choose following the others tastes and you do not have to be scared by criticisms.

Common sense and good taste always have to prevail in a wedding. Of course wedding is an important event, but it requires a certain sobriety even when it is romantic, well organized and thrilling.

To organize the event completely in case you have few time and lots of doubts, you can always ask to our Wedding Planners who will address at the very best the spouses choices and tastes.

But in the end the key for a civil wedding in Franciacorta is… Get thrilled!

When everything is ready, the time has come to let it go.

Smiles, weeping for joy, emotion… How many feelings you pass through during the wedding day in Franciacorta… Even during civil ceremonies!

Thanks to the right sparks for a personalized civil wedding, written and organized following your wishes, thrills will be wonderful, passionate and unforgettable.

Let’s update in the next article in Love in Franciacorta blog.