idee per il rito civile

Civil wedding, ideas for your marriage in Italy, in Franciacorta. Be romantic!

Ideas for the civil wedding in Franciacorta

For the civil wedding, it is essential to start with good ideas, in order to make more romantic and captivating, a ritual that could be considered just a cold bureaucratic document.

Of course we cannot avoid bureaucracy and, as a matter of fact, also during religious ceremonies, the priest reads the civil code articles at the end of the function as they give legal value to the wedding.

Be romantic

No one forbids to make the civil wedding in Franciacorta richer, more romantic, more exciting and captivating for the spouses and guests.

The most important thing is planning every detail.

How to do

Here you find some useful sparks for a civil ritual that can make your wedding in Franciacorta absolutely


Everybody will remember with excitement about your greatest day!

Choosing the location

In Franciacorta the are more and more locations which are authorized for the celebration of civil weddings.

The most part of them are castles and historical villas.

Among our partners we cannot avoid to mention Villa Baiana, Villa Calini and Villa Fassati Barba.

Real excellences able to offer a beautiful context to people who choose to get married in Franciacorta with a civil ritual.

Obviously the only location is not enough.

If the location is nice, but the civil ritual is cold, you will surely get a nice photographic memory, but with a bitter taste, in the both way you will remember and live it.

Successful ideas are necessary for a romantic and captivating ritual.

Exciting and personalized texts for your civil wedding

Why limiting yourself to read only the civil code text?

Text can be enriched, personalized and made exciting.

As sparks for the civil wedding in Franciacorta you can integrate readings, personalized promises and many different romantic elements that will captivate your guests and will give the right importance to the wedding day.

In this case real friends of a lifetime, and not necessarily a professional, could help writing texts, that will surely make the civil ritual emotions true, intimate and touching.

Union ritual

There are different ideas for the civil wedding, such as the candles ritual, or the sand ritual, the gifts exchange, the sharing of food and/or drinks, the colours or plant ritual, and whoever has more has more.

These are just some sparks for the civil ritual that can become a part of the wedding excitement, together with the promises reading and the wedding rings exchange.

They will symbolically represent what’s going on: two lives that get together and become union.

You just have to choose the custom and the venture that you consider more “yours”, more typical of your identity.

But that’s not enough. Surely real professionals who can work in all respects “on the shape” of your wedding, will come on the scene.

But to find out the importance of these figures, we suggest you to read next week article.

Have a nice weekend!