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Wedding rituals and superstition – Love In Franciacorta

Wedding rituals

Who does not have any wedding rituals in his mind? Those tricks praised by grandmothers, that bring good luck to weddings in Italy and Franciacorta?

Little by little while we will list them, you will surely remind about those wedding rituals and they will make you smile.

Why? It’s easy, just because they’re a part of our tradition since a long time.

Wedding rituals. Memories from the past

Weddings always bring a little bit of superstition … also weddings in Italy and in Franciacorta do!

You could not be a superstitious, or being for sure, but when you talk about a wedding you cannot forget about some of the most known wedding rituals which are good wishes for the spouses.

Let’s find them out together

Foreword: wedding rituals always have a more or less believable motivation and explanation, the first one follows.

Do not meet the bride the day before is a classical wedding superstition

Everybody says it, the bride and her beautiful wedding dress must be a secret! The origin for this superstition has to be found in the old normal practice of arranged marriages: the fact that the groom couldn’t see the bride before the fateful day was the assurance that he wouldn’t change his mind at last.

While today, only the bride dress has to be kept secret, it will have to be a total surprise for the groom.

Even because official wedding pictures will always remind everybody how beautiful the bride was (even during the longlasting preparation between hairdressingmaking-up and wearing up).

Wearing the voile

Once upon a time brides wore the voile to be protected by cosmic negativity but, let’s be sincere, for us in Love in Franciacorta, it is one of the most beautiful wedding rituals.

Voile is a really nice accessory so, why not wearing it? It is not an every day beauty whim.

Something new, something old, something blue coloured and something borrowed

The superstition among superstitions but which is its real meaning?

Something new” represents a new beginning and it wishes for a happy future, “Something old” is the bond with the past, “Something blue coloured” refers to the fact that once upon a time this colour symbolized pureness, even though today it’s worn as a devotion symbol, and at last “Something borrowed” is used to remind the bride the proximity to somebody dear to her.

Four beautiful wedding rituals, don’t you think so?

Wedding rituals. Crying is a good wish

Tender wedding rituals! People say that if bride and groom cry during the ceremony, good luck will accompany them all along their wedding.

Excitement will obviously produce those joy teardrops.

Rice throwing

Maybe this is the most famous custom. At the end of the ceremony guests throw rice to the spouses to wish fertility, prosperity and good luck.

A part from wedding rituals we in Love in Franciacorta prefer guests to throw flowers petals or confetti or to blow soap bubbles, so that no food is wasted.

Hold the bride in arms while crossing the house doorway

Even this ritual, which can look like a pure pastime or a pure whim coming from movies, hides a symbolic meaning.

The groom has to cross the house doorway holding the bride in his arms to wish her all the happiness in the world and remind her that he will always be there for her.

Today it could maybe seem a little bit out-of-date… But among all the wedding rituals this is the one that surely makes smile!

Bouquet throwing

During the wedding day the bride will decide to throw her bouquet to a group of non-married women. The lucky one who will get it will be the next to get married.

We tell you that instead it could not come true, but anyway that will remain a funny moment.

Rain is good luck on your wedding day

In this case it is not a real wedding rituals, but a common mindset and proverb.
Since a long time rain symbolizes wealth and luck which copious fall on the newlyweds.

So, in the past, it was not a kind way to comfort the spouses during their a little bit rainy wedding day!

We in Love in Franciacorta hope for the sun for both the spouses and the guests to a wedding in Italy.

In the end wedding is not a matter of luck due to wedding rituals, but of love and knowing.

No one superstition could ruin your party.

We hope you had fun, and see you to the next article.