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Wedding favors in Italy – Love In Franciacorta

Wedding favors in Italy

Wedding favors in Italy yes or no? What to do and what to choose?

If you are undecided on whether or not to propose them to your wedding, it is good to clarify.

There is often the concept of wedding favors as a custom now out of fashion and little loved by guests, but there is nothing more false. Just choose, and choose well.

Why? Precisely because none of the married couples would like their wedding to be remembered with yet another ornament to be dusted or hidden in a wardrobe!

The importance of wedding favors

Just as wedding invitations represent the official start to the event, wedding favors in Franciacorta represent the final stage of the journey.

What can we say, starting from the wedding invitations, it will be essential to always have clear ideas.
This is why wedding professionals will be a real resource for you.

Many innovative ideas are replacing the traditional and classic wedding favors to which we have been accustomed over the years. A solution which, however, still remains as a small cadeau to give to your guests.

But let’s see the most appreciated proposals, in a land of such a particular vocation.

Ideas for wedding favors in Italy

Food and wine favors

In recent years, among the useful favors there are certainly the food and wine ones.

A beautiful idea, but above all a good one, able to satisfy the palates of all your guests.

Among the wedding favors of this type there may be small jars of honey, bottles of wine including our beloved Franciacorta sparkling wine, oil, craft beer … In short, all strictly local products, able to appreciate care and craftsmanship.


Another very original idea could be a story.

With a book you are never wrong, whether it is a story related to your wedding or simply a great classic like The Little Prince. You will be spoiled for choice.

A tip: customize the cover, the back, or insert a dedication inside the book. It will be a detail of style certainly appreciated.

For the house

A set of wooden kitchen utensils or room air fresheners, but also scented candles.

This is another way to be sure that wedding cadeau will be an appreciated and functional gift.

Wedding favors to plant

These wedding favors (often do it yourself) are appreciated by everyone, not only by gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers, since plants as a simple ornament can be adapted to any home.

There will be a way to indulge in creating pretty compositions with a large variety of aromatic and/or succulent plants.

Fair trade & charity initiatives

If with your wedding there was the desire to help make the day of less fortunate people special, beneficial wedding favors always remain an excellent way to close this day of love in the best way.

With the choice of fair trade food products, such as tea and herbal teas or chocolate, you will help the poorest populations of the planet, who often have territories rich in quality raw materials, but which are too often exploited (not in this case obviously).

Or, the possibility of giving by choosing among the charities.

Both proposals are excellent in every sense and you will be sure that you have done a good deed.

Wedding favors for witnesses

A separate section covers wedding favors for witnesses.

In this case the choice of the cadeau is very personal. A pen, a key ring, a bracelet, a watch.

Maybe engraved with the initials of the witnesses or anything that suits their personality.

Very personal detail

Adding a note to the wedding favors with funny phrases, special dedications, sincere thanks is a nice gesture.

In this way, everyone will be able to keep a unique memory of your wedding in Franciacorta and to feel part of your party.


Giving a wedding cadeau is a precious opportunity to give loved ones a special memory as a sign of thanks.

We hope we have been helpful and have teased you with new ideas.

We update ourselves with the next article.