Idee per il tableau del matrimonio

Tableau of the wedding in Franciacorta – Some ideas to be creative

Ideas for the tableau of the wedding in Franciacorta

Here we are for the second appointment devoted to ideas for the tableau of the wedding in Franciacorta.

Are you curious? Do you think that last week article was interesting?

So, let’s go on looking for sparks for the tableau de mariage.

Ideas for the wedding tableau

Be inspired by travels

Do you love discovering the world?

Some ideas for the wedding table plan which topic is travelling could tell a lot about your passion.

Green light to vintage suitcases, a globe, postcards, train tickets, airplanes and who knows, maybe even some souvenirs coming from your past travels.

Romantic tableau de mariage, with candlelight

Each and everything could give you sparks for a very romantic and eclectic table plan for your wedding.

Create the atmosphere with candles placed on an old vintage door or hung to a tree through satin ribbon with the same color you have chosen for your wedding in Franciacorta

Add your favorite flowers and everything will be divine!

Wooden boxes and flowers

Wooden boxes could be the instrument for some simple but rich in possibilities ideas for the wedding table plan.
For example, you could place inside, the most representative flowers of your wedding in Franciacorta.

Cinema passion

For the spouses who are cinema lovers, this table plan will talk about your passions to the guests of your wedding in Franciacorta through your favourite movies.

Oil on canvas

As we have already told you, everybody has his own passion.

Are you spouses, painting lovers? Why don’t you create artistic table plans with oil on canvas?

You will include an artistic touch, some more romanticism and magic in your wedding day within Franciacorta hills.

Old staircases

Old wooden staircases can become some ideas for a really beautiful and simple tableau de mariage.

Flowers, twines and cards reporting tables will make the rest, for a naturally chic result.

Variation for imperial table

Refreshing drinks and seating places

Do you have a unique imperial table?

Why don’t you think about coloured and refreshing seat marker?

Then go ahead with personalized bottles reporting guests names and seating places. A refreshing surprise for everybody, young and old!

Conclusions about the wedding tableau

We really hope the article could be inspiring for new ideas about the wedding tableau.

A secret concerning the best solution for your wedding? Give space to imagination and surrend!

Our Wedding Planner Francesca T., as well as Emanuela and Alessia by EP Events Design, but also Alessandra and Daniele by Chantilly will surely help you organizing ideas.

When choosing your tableau de mariage surrend to your passions, your favourite colours, your creativity, therefore yourselves.

See you for the next article.