Tableau de Mariage

Tableau de mariage what a passion! Love In Franciacorta

Tableau de mariage in Franciacorta

The tableau de mariage is one of the first thing the guests to your wedding in Franciacorta will see.

It is then easy to understand how important it is.

The tableau de mariage task is telling the guests to your wedding in Franciacorta the right seating place.

But don’t worry, the fact it has to be operational doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be wonderful and spectacular!

Once upon a time the table plan was a simple list of seating places, while now it is one of the details that reflect more the spouses personality and the wedding style.

Finding a topic, the right colour or a characteristic material is not assumed.

How to prepare the perfect tableau de mariage

We have asked our experts among Love in Franciacorta Professionals, how to find the inspiration to understand which will be the right table plan for your wedding in Franciacorta.

Francesca T., one of our wedding planners, thinks there are no specific rules if not getting inspired.

You just have to surge your creativity and surprise your guests with your original tableau de mariage.

Emanuela and Alessia, the girls by EP Event Design, remind us that beyond being essential for the wedding guests, the table plan can become an ornamental element able to give a personal touch to the whole wedding in Franciacorta.

Ideas to get inspired

Tableau de mariage with frames

Shabby chic style, your table plan could be realized through different frames.

You could use some with different size and position them in opposite directions.

The result will surely be original.

Circles and flowers

This kind of table plan for the wedding realized with circles of different sizes is perfect for boho chic weddings, and it could be right for you.

Seasonal flowers with colours aligned with your wedding in Franciacorta, will make everything perfect.

Tableau de mariage with Bottles

Every bottle will be personalized with a number and the list of the guests to your wedding… Obviously you will use only Franciacorta wine bottles

Blackboard and cotton

It won’t be easy to find your table with such a table plan!

Put your guests to the test with a game composed of a strings tangle, clearly using the colours of your wedding in the hills of Franciacorta.

This idea is absolutely enigmatic and captivating.

Coloured air-balloon

A coloured and vivid tableau de mariage composed of lots of air-balloons, will bring amazement and surprise to your wedding.

Aromatic plants

Is there anybody who do not like the perfume of sage, rosemary or lavender?
That is a perfumed table plan for the wedding clearly inspired to an area devoted to nature as Franciacorta is.

For this week we have given you enough sparks, did you get curious? Next weekend you could see all the other ideas about the table plan in Franciacorta.

See you to the next article…