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Personalized wedding bag

The personalized wedding bag, filled with gadgets and witty, but also useful accessories, is an original and funny idea, able to surprise guests to a wedding in Franciacorta.

It is a little present to be given to the guests before the ceremony, containing a lot of surprises to be used all along the day.

So, we can consider the wedding bag a sort of “wedding surviving kit”.

In the end it is a usually super appreciated gift, women especially love it as they are more inclined to such a souvenir.

This idea could be that classy touch, useful to make a difference during the wedding.

If you choose this little present, it will transmit your guests your will to surprise them but especially to cuddle them.

Let’s make clarity about the wedding bag

You decided to enrich your wedding through the wedding bag? Next question is: “ok, what can we put inside?”.

The answer? Anything which could be useful and manage to get a few smiles out of your guests, making them more participating to your wedding party.

Tissues for teardrops (joy teardrops), cones containing rice (or petals), cockades for cars, wedding sparklers to be used in the evening or soap bubbles are the accessories for the classic wedding bag.

Nowadays, a little card reporting the location wifi password would be a great idea.

Not to forget

Seasoning is a discriminating factor not to be undervalued, as it could be an input to choose what to put inside the wedding bag.

If you get married in summer, then go ahead with fans, (low-cost) sunglasses, anti- mosquitos serviettes, some candies to avoid pressure loss, some moisturized serviettes, maybe a pair of low-cost flip flops and also a water plastic bottle.

In case you get married in winter, right gadgets will be a hands-warmer, a lipstick, and a hand cream to protect from cold.

You also have to take into consideration the wedding topic for the wedding bag packaging.

Will it be a romantic, rustic or what else wedding in Franciacorta? You must just have clear ideas and prepare the bag following the wedding mood.

For example, if the wedding in Franciacorta will have a shabby chic style, you could choose a tissue, or jute or hemp bag.

In case you will choose a vintage style, it would be ideal to make a lace bag or with a paper packaging.

If your wedding will be minimal chic (eventually with a link colour) our advice is choosing a plastic or multi color silicone packaging.

Super idea for your personalized wedding bag

It would be nice to prepare three different personalized wedding bags, one for women, one for men and one for children.

For women you could choose a kit with save-heels, a hook to hang their handbag, perfumed soap and maybe also a ribbon to tie hair up (the same colour as wedding topic).

For men, instead, you could choose a shoe-shine sponge, a comb and maybe some photobooth objects to shoot amazing selfies.

Why not preparing a wedding bag for children who risk to get bored during the ceremony?

You can include a book to be coloured and some coloring pencils.

Where positioning the welcome kits

It would be ideal to position wedding bags in a box or in a basket just outside the ceremony place, and clearly well visible.

For the spouses who will choose for the moral and physical support of a wedding planner, it will be her to care and define all the details, giving the wedding bags directly to the guests.

Pay attention to little details who can make a difference

Remember to put a personal thanking card into the wedding bag, it will make your guests happy and they won’t forget a detail which is so full of meaning.

But pay attention not to put the party favour in the wedding bag, as it has to be given personally to the guests at the end of the party.

Dear spouses, these are just some examples for new useful sparks to organize your wedding in Franciacorta.

Always let yourself be inspired by what you love and enjoy most.

The wedding bag can be an accessory for your wedding and your guests will love it if it will reflect you.

Let’s update to the next article.