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The open bar for your wedding in Italy – Love In Franciacorta

The open bar for your wedding in Italy

The choice of having the open bar for your wedding in Italy and in Franciacorta could be one of those factors making a difference to your wedding.

When your guests receive the long-awaited wedding invitation, they will not be able to imagine how this will take place and what the organization will be.

You may have shown them a dress code, but certainly you have not revealed the wedding menu and nota even if there is an open bar.

It will therefore be a welcome surprise.

This all inclusive formula, called open bar, provides that guests, once they leave the banquet tables, are free to order drinks in unlimited quantities.

Supposedly, it would be expected that the aforementioned drinks will be prepared in a workmanlike manner, by true professionals.

How to move in the organization of this wedding phase

Do you know your guests very well?

First of all, you will have to review the faces of the people you have invited to your wedding.

The open bar in Franciacorta becomes a “must” if there are many young people among your guests, but also real experts and lovers of cocktails.

For example, if there are many wine or beer drinkers among your guests, you can customize similar solutions with your trusted professional.

The open bar for weddings can be an excellent solution even if you have invited friends and colleagues directly to cut the cake.

In this way, guests and new arrivals can delight in the dessert buffet (which usually comes out at the same time as the wedding cake) and some good drinks prepared by an expert Barman (highly recommended).

Obviously the ways in which this service can be offered are varied, with different characteristics and costs.

A note about the open wedding bar

Do you want a perfect wedding, with attention to the smallest detail? A careful selection and organisation of the bar area will be very important.

We, at Love In Franciacorta, recommend you to rely on professionals specialized in open bars for your wedding, in order to set up a workstation more in line with the style of the wedding, combined with certified Bartenders.

Are you still undecided? Read on!

The open bar in Franciacorta, the all inclusive for excellence


The open bar will be a winning surprise as your guests will be able to drink quality cocktails for free.

Your guests will have many choices and varieties of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), made to perfection.

The open bar will make life easier for your guests who can choose what and when to drink without waiting for the service staff.

If you become familiar with the bartender, who will follow you during the wedding, you could also ask for a cocktail based on the theme of the wedding.


The chance of a small group of guests exceeding could be high. Problem that, in reality, could “enliven” the party.

Some variants

The limited version

Choices will include one or two beers, red and/or white wines, some soft drinks, and a limited selection of spirits.

Of course, in addition to the wines offered at the table and to our beloved Bollicine Franciacorta.


The limited formula can save you significantly on your budget.


Choices for your guests will be limited.

Someone may not like this choice.

Obviously, we do not recommend the so-called cash bar, that is the option to leave guests free to pay their drinks in cash at the end of the evening (excluding what will be served at the table) because it is a very inelegant choice.

A good tip would be to check also the possibility of having an open bar to be paid according to consumption.

Guests may sometimes be able to surprise and not drink what was thought and budgeted for.

What do you think of the open bar? We bet that now you have already started thinking about the most suitable phrases to customize the names of the cocktails for your wedding (we remind you of an important aspect: have the ingredients of which it is composed written in the drink list next to each cocktail in order to avoid possible allergies).

Watch out for choices

We understood that the open bar in Franciacorta for weddings is certainly one of the most appreciated ideas at the end of the dinner, when the reception enters the entertainment phase.

As already mentioned, remember that it will be important to know the tastes of your guests, so that you can make the right decisions regarding the drinks to be proposed in your open bar for the wedding in Franciacorta.

Happy Franciacorta bubbles (and not only) at all.