Musica per i matrimoni in Franciacorta

Music for weddings in Italy: Love In Franciacorta recommends

Music for weddings in Italy: some advice

When we talk about music for weddings in Italy, we mean the whole accompaniment, both as a background and as an active involvement during your wedding in Franciacorta.

Often it is underestimated or left among the last details of the wedding.

Well, it’s a shame! From the ceremony to the last dance of the party, music for weddings in Italy represents a fundamental part of the day.

The chosen compositions and the right songs, proposed at the right time, can really frame every moment of your most important day, making it truly magical.

In fact, music conveys emotions, can make people laugh, can move and unleash.

For this reason it should not be underestimated.

The possibilities are many: DJ, group, soloist or simply the favourite playlist of the couple.

Here you are advices of Love In Franciacorta to choose the best wedding music in Italy

… And don’t forget to book it in advance!

As for any other detail of the wedding, even for the choice of music you have to move early.

First of all, it is important to understand what type of musical accompaniment you want, during the different times of the day.

It may seem obvious, but it often happens that couples have different tastes and needs, even on music.

If for the ceremony it should be less complicated to find classical musicians (and the songs are usually more standardized), for the party there is great freedom to range in the musical inspiration of the couple and consequently in the choice of a group or a DJ.

It would be highly recommended to contact the right music professional for weddings in Franciacorta at least six months before the event, because you have to remember that the most requested are booked even many months in advance.

So act early, to avoid disappointment and nasty surprises.

Who to choose?

Are your ideas not too clear? Why don’t you seek advice from a couple who has just got married?

An alternative could be to remember the last weddings in which you attended (better if recent).

Another option may be to rely directly on the solutions made available by almost every location / catering or by us at Love In Franciacorta.

It will be essential, once you have found the possible music professionals for the wedding in Franciacorta, to attend one of their performances to understand which is the professional to be confirmed.

Think about the budget

The music for the wedding in Italy could have a big impact on the spouses’ budget, if it is not carefully evaluated.

We, in Love In Franciacorta, do not recommend DIY or use the help of friends for the couple’s playlist, also because it must be played in the most important moments.

Knowing how to manage the entire musical day of the spouses is not so simple or obvious.

It will be necessary to consider all the specific times for each “attack” or, in any case, it would be really difficult to make sure that your invited friends can also enjoy the party.

Consider the spaces well

Both for the musicians or singers chosen for the ritual, and for the artists required for the reception, it is important to identify the right space in which to insert the station for those offering musical entertainment.

If a DJ may need “only” a console for his or her instruments, a band certainly needs more space.

Consulting in advance with the location managers allows you to better manage the situation.

Another aspect, which is often not thought of, but which is easily manageable with a well-made planning, concerns the management and the electric power needs of the musicians, so as not to risk a hitch on the wedding day in Italy.

Don’t forget the SIAE (The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers)

Another aspect often overlooked by spouses in organizing weddings is SIAE rights.

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers deals with the protection of copyright and requests the payment of a certain sum in the case of the reproduction of the recorded works, in this case each song.

If during the wedding in Franciacorta the spouses organized a “do it yourself” through a playlist, the copyright costs would be borne by them.

If you turn to DJs, singers or groups, SIAE costs are almost always already counted in the price agreed with the professional.

Music for your wedding in Franciacorta: Some idea of song


Waiting for the bride: during the half hour before the rite, pending her arrival, there may be a welcome background of classic music such as Bach’s “Brandenburg Concert No. 2”.

The arrival of the bride: not to be mistaken, you will be on the safe side with Mendelssohn’s classic “Wedding March”.

During the ceremony: For the church ceremony we recommend another classic such as Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. (Remember not to choose more than 10 pieces for the whole rite).

For the civil ceremony, freedom increases. The splendid “Moon River” famous in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the magical “Can’t Help Falling In Love” sung by Elvis Presley. You can choose the sweet “A Prayer” by Elisa or “A thousand years” by Christina Perry, could be perfect nothing to take away from Debussy’s classic instrumental “Clair de Lune”.

After the “yes”: if the wedding takes place in a civil ceremony, Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” could be perfect.

Exit of the spouses: another classic for the religious rite is Wagner’s “Wedding March” while for the civil ceremony the piece of Ben E King, “Stand by me” or “Marry You” by Bruno Mars might be perfect.

Wedding reception music

First dance: for the couple’s first dance we recommend John Legend’s “All of me”, the splendid “Shallow” sung in the 2019 Oscar-nominated film “A star is a born” or “She” by Elvis Costello.

Of course, as long as you, future spouses, don’t already have a song from your heart to choose.

Cake cutting: for the cutting of the cake, everyone could be amazed by choosing “Viva la vida” by Coldplay.

Last dance: to end in beauty Queen’s “Somebody to Love” will be a great classic that will really involve everyone.

If you prefer an all-Italian alternative, capable of involving everyone, absolutely everyone, how not to mention “Gli Anni” by 883 group.