Mise en place per le nozze in Franciacorta

Mise en place for the wedding in Italy: Love In Franciacorta recommends

Mise en place for weddings in Italy

The mise en place for the wedding is a fundamental part in organizing the event. Why?

These little tricks, that may seem difficult to notice, will actually allow you to create the atmosphere you want for your wedding in Italy.

Whether it is a rustic, vintage or elegant wedding, it doesn’t matter, the attention to detail will help make your wedding in Franciacorta unique.

The mise en place of the tables must be cured and original.

Go on in talking about mise en place for weddings in Italy

As any self-respecting bride wants, the wedding planning will be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

There are those who use a wedding planner and those who do not.

For those who decide to follow the whole organization of the wedding, indecision is around the corner, also as regards the theme to choose for banqueting and mise en place.

The mise en place for the wedding in Franciacorta must never be left to chance; it will follow the theme chosen by the spouses.

The wedding style

Are you getting married and personally dedicating yourself to organizing the wedding?

After setting the church and location for the reception, the time will come to think about the wedding style.

This is a decision that will influence not only the choice of the dress, but also the mood of the reception.

There can be many themes for a wedding: you can let yourself be inspired by your passions, or by your favourite colour, by a hobby that you have in common with your partner, or by the trips you have made together for example.

Once chosen, your theme will be the common thread throughout the wedding.

Above all, as far as the reception is concerned, the mise en place for the wedding in Italy must fully reflect it: centerpieces, table plates, plates and crystals, tablecloths and seats.

The whole must be in harmony, studied down to the smallest detail.

It will give a glance that will leave everyone speechless.

A little curiosity: the staging (especially for outdoor weddings) of imperial tables is very trendy in recent years.

Large and long tables that manage to unite a large number of guests without losing sight of each other.

They are an excellent choice that you can think of in case of marriage with a large number of guests.

Some idea for your wedding in Italy mise en place

Mise en place for the wedding: Total white

White is the colour of simplicity. Just a few candles, a vase with white flowers in the center and the table will be set with infinite elegance, giving life to a simple and timeless result.

Wedding style: Gold

Gold is a demanding colour, which indicates richness, opulence and refinement, to be carefully combined with the porcelain of the dishes and the crystal of the glasses.

Shabby chic

For weddings in the countryside, in the open air, among the vineyards.

The large wooden tables, the pine cones and pine branches woven as a centerpiece and as a plate, a section of the trunk will be solutions in perfect Shabby Chic style.

Geometric mood

The geometries stand out perfectly on a white base! This is why the centerpiece can consist of a bouquet of white flowers, enclosed in a geometric bronze sculpture, and, as a decoration of the plate, an elegant green leaf.


Purple in all its forms has been depopulating in recent years among the mise en place. It is, in fact, one of the “trend colours” indicated by Pantone.

You can choose it ton sur ton, from lilac ceramic plates to purple crystal glasses, or, defying superstitions, by dressing the table in lilac and purple, combining it with gold.

Toile du jouy

This type of canvas printed with scenes of bucolic life was born in the nineteenth century and extends to the present day as an example of elegance and refinement.

Choosing the theme Toile du Jouy, the result will be a very refined table.


Each season has its flowers and colours … Based on the time of your wedding in Franciacorta, look for them and indulge yourself.


Roses are the queens of the garden, but peonies, too. Use this mix of flowers for a vintage flavor table.

Boho chic

Bronze is a metal that is well suited for mise en place of a wedding in Franciacorta with a retro style. With a few flowers here and there, the vintage / boho effect will be assured.


Another Pantone colour that has been depopulating in recent years among the mise en place is this green.

Any examples? From the elegance of an olive branch, used both as a centerpiece and as a placeholder, to ivy as a decoration of the set of dishes.

Bon ton chic

Quartz pink is well suited for its delicacy as a wedding theme colour. Very nice when combined with pearls.

Rustic chic

Much green as a centerpiece and then simple sprigs of scented lavender as a placeholder. A bucolic mise en place.

Bon ton tips

  • Tablecloths and napkins must be perfectly ironed and obviously coordinated.
  • No to creative decorations with napkins.
  • The plates will have a fundamental role and a precise order that will see at the base a plate, present for all dinner or lunch, on it a flat and a deep plate.
  • Even the cutlery will have a very precise arrangement. Fork to the left of the plate and knife, with blade facing inwards, to the right of the plate. The arrangement of the cutlery will be closely linked to the courses. A cutlery for fish, for example, will be placed further away from the plate, because it is generally the course that is served first.While the cutlery for cakes and fruit be placed at the top of the plate, between the glasses and the plates.
  • Glasses always to the right of the plate exactly in this order: on the far right the glass of water, the glass of red wine and that of white wine will follow to the left. The flute will go behind the glass of red wine and will be used for Bollicine so renowned in our Franciacorta territory.
  • The saucer of bread, in the mise en place of elegant events, will be positioned to the left of the plate.
  • Centerpieces should not be too bulky to prevent conversation among the guests.

Still doubts about how to set the table?

We, at Love In Franciacorta, hope to have been useful to you, future spouses!

We certainly know the difficulty in managing every part of the wedding organization and we always recommend that you get help from the wedding professionals.