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Wedding animation in Franciacorta

Today we want to talk about animation in Franciacorta for your wedding.

During the organization of the wedding it is important to establish the basis on which to develop your wedding party from the beginning.

Only later, we will work on all the details that will make the wedding “yours”, including animation.

The animation for the wedding will play an important role, because it will serve to entertain and involve your guests.

A fundamental factor of importance

Find out which type of entertainment in Franciacorta is suitable with the wedding you are organizing.

Will it be a formal wedding party? Easier? Will you simply opt for a background music, useful in creating atmosphere? Will you choose to entertain guests with shows?

Nice unexpected events

Clearly, even your guests may have some surprises ready for you, so get ready for everything!

We are talking about games and jokes organized for you by your friends, not to mention the relatives who promote small trains and group dances.

Are you undecided? Here are some proposals for animation for the wedding


Animation in Franciacorta with clowns, jugglers, contortionists, fire eaters and acrobats, will result in so much adrenaline for these performances that will take your breath away.

Improvisation from the stage at your wedding party

Animation for the wedding with actors capable of joining the art of improvisation will be winning when the artists, dressed in elegant clothes, mix with the guests at the wedding.

Nobody will think they are professional actors until they perform in flash mob style and the surprise effect will be guaranteed.

Romantic dances

Professional dancers always enchant with their movements and rhythm, so go ahead to animation in Franciacorta with tango, modern dance, on the notes of the most famous musicals such as Grease or Dirty Dancing or in Michael Jackson’s Thriller style… And it will be all very addictive.

Mentalists, magicians and comedians as entertainment in franciacorta

There are artists who prefer to get involved through techniques of persuasion, thought reading or magic games and comic sketch, the result will be an amused audience.

The cartoon characters

Cartoons conquer not only the little ones: the most avid fans, at times, are the big ones!

Going back in time and maybe hiring Lupin and Margot for your wedding party, or the Mad Hatter and Alice, will be a solution that will make everyone smile.

How to move

After introducing some entertainment ideas for your wedding in Franciacorta, in order to make a successful party, we recommend entertainments that go from the aperitif to the cutting of the cake, in the form of shows or artistic performances.

The aperitif could be accompanied by a musical arrangement, consisting of even a single voice and an instrument.

During the banquet you could insert a magic show and always among the tables during the meal there could be an animator or a mentalist ready to wander for fun experiments.

At the end of the dinner, before the cutting of the cake, the animation with acrobats and dancers could leave everyone breathless.

After cutting the cake, fireworks and lanterns would give your wedding a wonderful light.

A show with fiery elements for the evening would kick off wild dances, with DJ sets and plays of light to make everyone dance until late at night.

Not to forget

Inevitable, if there were children, the possibility of having trained professionals, for entertainment with dedicated group games and also with a children’s make-up service.

A little attention will ensure that even the little ones feel the protagonists of the wedding party.

A tasty idea for animation for the wedding

It would be nice to make nice accessories available to all guests to use at will throughout the day, between selfies and toasts with our Franciacorta Bubbles.

We hope to have been an inspiration, we will update with the next article.