villa baiana dimora e cantina storica

Historic house in the heart of Franciacorta? Let’s know Villa Baiana

Here we are future spouses, we start again with the interviews by Love in Franciacorta with an historic house specialized in Italy.

Today we are lucky and pleased to tell you about a historic house located in the heart of Franciacorta, with decades of experience in organizing weddings.

Today, we will open the gates of Villa Baiana, in Monticelli Brusati.

We were welcome by ​​Bozza cousins (Anna, Vittorio Bozza’s daughter and Barbara, Gian Carlo Bozza’s) who spent the whole day with us.

So we had the opportunity to discover more in detail the history of Villa Baiana, its management and the particularities of this reality inextricably linked to the territory that surrounds it and, in particular, to the vineyards.

The history of Villa Baiana

The chat began with the story of how the vocation of Villa Baiana and the estates of La Montina have varied over the centuries.

Villa Baiana dates back to 1620 as the summer residence of Benedetto Montini – ancestor of Pope Paul VI – whose surname originated the choice of the toponym Montina, that then distinguished and identified the cellar.

Subsequently, Villa Baiana became home to the Dorotee nuns, an order linked to the land and the harvest.

So much dedication to crops has made land plots become even more productive, especially with orchards.

The arrival of the Bozza family dates back to the second half of the twentieth century.

From the beginning, the goal of making improvements capable of further enhancing this renowned historic house in the heart of Franciacorta became evident.

With pride Anna and Barbara explain to us how the restorations were completed in the early 90s.

Villa Baiana and the weddings

From the point of view of the weddings, the history of Villa Baiana boasts 22 years of experience and so an infinite number of weddings.

Just think, Barbara and Anna tell us, that in just one year they deal with the management of at least a hundred weddings, but not only.

In addition to organizing the best day for a couple, various events are managed in this historic house including baptisms, communions, confirmations or corporate meetings.

One of the strengths in the perfect management of many events is the presence of the kitchen inside the villa.

Wonders in the kitchen and on the table

The chefs and pastry chefs of Villa Baiana make each dish, dessert or cake entirely from a skilful selection of raw materials.

Obviously the close link between Villa Baiana and Tenute La Montina means that at every course of the wedding meal, the Franciacorta sparkling wine cannot be missing.

This is a point that Barbara and Anna have remarked with particular force: there is constant research into the combination of food and wine at every stage of the reception, to make the couple and guests of the estate and our Franciacorta fall in love.

Just think that, in the dining room, you can always rely on the experience and preparation of the cellar sommelier.

The human and direct relationship with the couples, simplified by a family management of the historic house in Franciacorta, makes the wedding actually become an unforgettable day.

This relationship, always fresh and immediate, but always professional, is strengthened by the presence of “veterans” among the staff, with a great deal of experience.

The organization of a wedding in Villa Baiana

Couples wishing to get married within the walls of this historic home in Franciacorta will have a direct relationship with Anna or Barbara.

So you, future spouses, can make an appointment 7 days a week.

You will discover all the spaces open to the public, both internal and external, including the splendid La Montina cellar.

This can be used on the wedding day for guided tours that tell the story of our territory and the magic of Franciacorta production.

A peculiarity in Villa Baiana: proud of the quality of the work of the whole staff, Anna and Barbara explain to us how they also like to show kitchens to future spouses.

As mentioned, the internal management of the kitchen is a source of pride for the structure and they often invite future spouses to visit the kitchen allowing them to observe the chefs and pastry chefs at work.

Ad hoc solutions

The possibilities given by Villa Baiana for his weddings are very many, all refined and elegant, starting from the corner of the cheesemaker, reaching the corner of rum, cigars and chocolate.

And in case of rain? Dear future brides, don’t be afraid! Anna and Barbara will show you all the alternative solutions, which have nothing to envy to the outdoor spaces.

Since 2017 Villa Baiana has also become a municipal house. This historic house in Franciacorta is in fact organized to manage any civil ceremony, without prejudice.

We started the presentation of this wonderful historical residence in Franciacorta by talking about the spaces, the kitchen and the possibilities given by Villa Baiana.

And how to fully understand how the wedding will be handled?

Beautiful and welcoming rooms are not enough without having tried to taste the food and wine that will be served at the wedding.

On the weekend, couples interested in Villa Baiana for their wedding will have the opportunity to taste the delicacies prepared by the chefs and master pastry chefs inside the structure, and taste the wines and bubbles produced by the Bozza family.

And more … follow us!

The wedding dinner

Towards the end of each year Barbara and Anna organize “The bride and groom’s dinner“.

This is an important appointment, dedicated to couples who have chosen Villa Baiana for their love day.

The future spouses will thus be able to participate in a dinner where the entire management of a real wedding will be proposed, without forgetting the arrangements and goodies proposed in the extras.

This wonderful event took place on Sunday 2 December this year and was greatly appreciated by their future spouses.

There are various initiatives organized during the year by Anna and Barbara inside Villa Baiana.

So much professionalism and dedication in the organization of weddings is reflected in the appreciation given by the spouses with many reviews and always positive feedback.

In fact, Anna and Barbara told us how proud they are of these messages in the family, both positive and sincere.

Certainly, it is the result of the human and always professional relationship that characterizes each phase of the preparations.

Word of mouth thus remains the channel most used by future spouses who come from all over Lombardy and beyond.

Who knows that in the near future the weddings of newlyweds from all over the world will not increase too!

Moreover, Franciacorta is a territory in continuous growth and now also known abroad and current tools (websites, social networks, and so on) are able to give ever greater visibility to those who deserve it.

How to get to know Villa Baiana better?

Villa Baiana and Tenute La Montina have always managed to exploit the web and social channels to broaden the proposals and to carry out constant research on new trends, tastes of future spouses and fashions loved by people.

Anna and Barbara explain to us how social networks are fundamental for them also to share everything related to their activity and proposal, so as to create curiosity and attractiveness in their numerous activities or events organized to perfection.

A management that, once again, is totally internal.

Are you curious? Try looking for them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website, full of new proposals.

For example, in addition to the weddings for this period dedicated to the celebrations, Anna and Barbara organized a Christmas lunch with a menu dedicated to the whole family to celebrate the magical Christmas day together.

A rich and convivial lunch with La Montina wines paired.

The Villa Baiana wedding favors

But returning to what we love most, that is weddings, a particular corner of this chat with Barbara and Anna Bozza is reserved for the management of wedding favors.

Increasingly, newlyweds love to offer favors related to the world of food and wine. So how can we not take advantage of the quality of the wines produced by La Montina?

Alternatively, it will be possible to carry out a charitable work, helping the project founded by Barbara Bozza, Luca and Andrea Pasini (Barbara’s husband and son) called “Dedicated to you” with the aim of raising funds and financing research to combat childhood cancer.

This chat with Anna and Barbara on Villa Baiana has surely provided us with a lot of information and confirmations on the quality of the services offered.

We hope to have intrigued and persuaded you to go to them for a chat, a visit and who knows if this will not become the location for your future dream wedding.

Starting from Christmas, Villa Baiana will start again with the proposal of various themed evenings, with dedicated menus and no minimum limit of participants …

What better occasion to be enchanted by this estate and by the preparation of the staff.

Thanks, Anna and Barbara, for your availability and kindness.

A big good luck for the management of Villa Baiana and all your future initiatives!