La magia di Villa Fassati Barba per i matrimoni in Franciacorta

The magic of Villa Fassati Barba, growing between fairytale weddings in Italy

“The strong desire for something, like magic often comes true” and when it happens it makes one think of a splendid fairy tale, like growing in the magic of Villa Fassati Barba in Passirano, between historic walls and fairytale weddings.

Eugenia is experiencing this fairy tale personally.

Since she was a child, her dream was to dedicate herself to weddings. Maybe for the princely clothes, maybe for the elegance of the receptions or maybe for the dream of the Charming Prince and the happy ending.

In sport, when Eugenia had the opportunity, she threw herself headlong into the magic of Villa Fassati Barba.

It was a great opportunity (Eugenia tells us) to take over Villa Fassati Barba after the previous management.

Moreover, Eugenia has always had a particular affection for the Villa, the ancient property of her grandmother.

This historic residence is located in the heart of Franciacorta, a factor that makes it even more attractive to the vocation of a wedding location.

A breathtaking path among weddings

In our chat she told us about the magic of Villa Fassati Barba.

A reality that has been hosting wedding receptions for 20 years, she speaks to us about her studies (and of her latest achievement, the Master in Tourism Economics at Bocconi) which allowed her to fully understand the potential of the area and this villa “family’s”.

Then she focused on the future, which provides for continuous interventions and various improvements.

She, who moved from Brescia city to the “countryside”, now feels she has found her way.

Since April 2017, Eugenia’s life has been one with the frenzy of weddings and with the thoughts of future spouses.

Fairytale weddings for the Villa Fassati Barba’s satisfactions

At least thirty couples celebrated in the last year, but she is not craving for the number of weddings to follow, she is aiming for the quality of the receptions and her personal growth that give much more satisfaction!

We do not struggle to believe what she says, given that this year, among the many locations in the area, the magic of Villa Fassati Barba was chosen by the Italian wedding planner super star Enzo Miccio (the wedding was celebrated on July 28, 2018 ).

But continuing to talk about the villa, its strengths are:

  • Exclusivity
  • Intimacy
  • Elegance
  • Versatility

Yes, Eugenia does not like having more than one reception per day.
The countless spaces of the historic house can give privacy to the spouses and their guests.

After all, those who choose a piece of history know and know how to enhance the innate elegance of this fairytale place.

A historical villa for weddings, in continuous evolution

Although we had known the villa for years, Eugenia then led us to discover the news! She is a cyclone that never stops.

In the “quieter” periods Eugenia and her staff love to create new external and internal environments (such as ponds, woods, or modify gardens) so as to further enhance the estate.

Today it is essential to continue to evolve according to the receptions’ needs: just think that before her management, Villa Fassati Barba had a much more classic imprint and many areas of the villa were not exploited and arranged for receptions.

An example can be the Limonaia, a space that has now been made accessible and used both for civil rites (recently with legal value), and for wild dancing and “chaos” (in fact it is perfectly soundproofed and optimized in acoustics).

The magic of Villa Fassati Barba for “Plan A and Plan B”

Looking at the villa, it is impossible not to grasp the vocation for plan A, characterized by completely outdoor weddings

Afraid of the possible rain? The magic of Villa Fassati Barba will remain intact thanks to the excellent alternative B, given by the beautifully preserved and multifaceted internal halls.

Every professional who deals with marriage working with Eugenia and Villa Fassati Barba knows to have maximum freedom.

This dwelling in fact lends itself to maximum customization for the imagination of the spouses (and their Wedding Planner).

Needless to say that, in addition to making her location available, Eugenia offers her own know-how for advice to other “wedding experts” professionals, so as to guarantee a 360-degree quality service for the newlyweds.

Even several foreign spouses have chosen to get married in Franciacorta and specifically in Villa Fassati Barba.

Thanks to her advice, they found excellent B & Bs near her home to share accommodation with their guests.

What can I say, except that all these characteristics have allowed this location to obtain 5 stars among the reviews on the web.

In fact, Eugenia reminds us that the internet is certainly making her work known, but not only!

The various collaborators of other weddings and the word of mouth of the spouses are fundamental for her growth.

A very important feature is also the possibility of staying in the structure until 2 in the morning (with the option of 4 in the morning to extend the party).

A limit much appreciated by the spouses and by the most revealing guests.

We introduced you to Eugenia and the magic of Villa Fassati Barba.
What about contacting her for a simple visit? Who knows what becomes your wedding location!