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Bridal lingerie for the wedding in Italy – Love in Franciacorta

The bride’s lingerie, the advices by Love In Franciacorta

During the preparation of their wedding, each future bride will have asked herself how to choose her own lingerie, to be worn under the splendid bridal dress on the day of her wedding in Franciacorta.

Here are some aspects to consider, which will really help you.

Future brides in Franciacorta, you have tried the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of, after going around all the chicest shops you know, you have also managed to find the shoes or sandals to match.

You have even decided what the bouquet will look like and confirmed your hairstyle and your bride make up.

It remains only to buy underwear: here are some tips that will surely help you in your choice.

Bride lingerie. Sexy yes, but with an eye on comfort

You know, bridal lingerie must be sexy, but be careful women, on your wedding day in Franciacorta you have to feel comfortable.

It is very important that the underwear, as well as shoes or sandals, is particularly comfortable.

So avoid buying too tight bridal lingerie, stockings that do not fasten well to the legs or strapless bras that do not support themselves more than well.

White bride lingerie… Or no

Traditionally, bridal lingerie is white. However, more and more women decide to break this traditional, especially if you are wearing a colorful wedding dress.

You can then choose the intimate bride of the colour you like best, even black if you feel like a dark or rock bride!

Therefore we advise you to prefer light tones: light blue, pink or other pastel shades.

In this way, you will be sure that it will not be noticed under the dress.

Bridal lingerie, attention to the price

What are the prices of bridal lingerie? Just like everything there is no fixed price, and it all depends on how much you want and you can spend and where you buy.

Many brides decide to buy bridal lingerie in the atelier and it will certainly not be a saving choice, even if in exchange of excellent quality products.

However future brides in Franciacorta and not, you can save money on it if you want.

For example, you can point to the large chains of underwear or clothing stores which can offer various models at different price ranges.

Or you can take advantage of the numerous online offers, but we warn you, make sure that shipments are fast and that there is the possibility to change the clothes in the case of the wrong size.

For every wedding dress its bride lingerie

When choosing bridal lingerie to wear on your wedding day in Franciacorta, remember to consider the model of the dress.

Think, for example, of the neckline.

If the dress is sleeveless, it is better for you to choose a strapless bra, if it has a deep neckline on the back, orient yourself towards the models with the adhesive cups or with suspenders around the belt.

And the briefs must fit perfectly to the skirt: if you wear a tight mermaid wedding dress, for example, make sure that the panties are not too tight and that they do not leave marks on the hips, or choose a containment model, if you feel you need to reshape a few your curves.

Choose the wedding lingerie for time

Don’t just make your choices at the last minute!

Once you have chosen the dress, buy the bride lingerie as soon as possible, so that you can take it to the dress tests.

Even if you have taken the model into consideration, in fact, there may be something unexpected to solve.

Another example. Will you wear an empire-style wedding dress with bare shoulders?

It is important that the bra is strapless, but also that the edges do not protrude from the neckline.

The only way to make sure that bridal lingerie is really perfect is to try it on with the dress.

Bridal lingerie, how many pieces make-up the kit

Briefs and bra are the fundamental pieces of bridal lingerie, but not only: the garter brings good luck to the bride!!!

An important discussion concerns her socks. You may want or have to wear socks, especially for winter brides or with a short wedding dress.

The classic stockings are the hold-ups (with or without guêpière), however you can opt for a non-hold-up but containing model if you want to show off your flat stomach.

With bridal sandals we do not recommend the use of socks, but it is also true that to date there are models with no seams at the foot and totally transparent that could be right for you.

The time has come to say goodbye to your guests at your wedding in Franciacorta and finally be alone with your loved one, how about surprising him?

Perhaps wearing a sexy bodice, with transparencies and lace inserts.

For the final touch, you will cover it all with a silk or satin dressing gown.

Wedding without ugly surprises in wedding lingerie

Do not be surprised by the unexpected and always keep “spare parts” that you will entrust to your best friend, your sister or your mother.

It could happen, for example, that the socks have become stretched or that the bra with the adhesive cups is permanently detached.

You will then be ready to disappear for a few minutes to repair the damage thanks to your plan b.

And you, have you already chosen bridal lingerie for your big day?