Chef Stefano Cerveni

Chef Stefano Cerveni, lets’ discover a starry wedding menu in Italy

A starry wedding menu: Let’s discover chef Stefano Cerveni and Le Due Colombe restaurant

After a few weeks of “forced” break in which we dedicated body and soul to the numerous weddings of the period, here we are again on the blog of Love in Franciacorta to present you in more detail a welcoming, romantic reality and able to offer a starry menu for your wedding, thanks to the professionalism of Chef Stefano Cerveni and his brigade.

Today we came to visit the Due Colombe Restaurant, located in Borgonato, in the renovated complex of Antico Borgo San Vitale.

To reach the restaurant we entered the real heart of Franciacorta. We are a stone’s throw from the Berlucchi Winery, where the magic of Franciacorta wine was born.

To welcome us in this jewel the Chef Stefano Cerveni and his wife Sara.

After a quick tour of the kitchen (with a taste of chocolate cake) we interviewed the Chef Cerveni.

We thus discovered the history of the Due Colombe Restaurant and his passion for cooking and wedding management.

Chef Stefano Cerveni: the beginnings

Due Colombe was born in 1955 as an inn with rooms in Rovato, managed by Elvira, Stefano’s grandmother.

Over time the inn “changes” its vocation and Stefano’s father, Giuseppe, creates the Trattoria Ristorante Due Colombe. The change of course brings with it a strong innovation in the culinary proposal.

At this point Stefano, who loves to tell us: was “born and raised in the kitchen”, comes into play.

Yes, because since the time of the high chair, he has been able to admire the work of his parents in the kitchen.

Growing up Chef Stefano Cerveni discovers a new passion, that of music and the piano. Tool that we found in the bar of the Due Colombe Restaurant.

After studying in music, Stefano returns to his usual love, the kitchen.

Due Colombe restaurant “today”

Chef Stefano Cerveni takes over the management of the Due Colombe Restaurant in 2000.

Since then this reality has been able to experience constant growth and continuous development.

In 2003, Chef Cerveni began successfully proposing himself for the management of catering for events within local companies and highly prestigious wineries.

The real turning point came in 2009 with the recognition given by the Michelin Guide.

This important recognition leads Stefano to identify a new need.

Now he must have a structure capable of handling events internally, by combining the values โ€‹โ€‹of innovation, tradition and great culinary quality.

When you say fate

Stefano is presented the opportunity to find the spaces in a recently renovated historic village located, in the beating heart of Franciacorta: the Antico Borgo San Vitale.

Here Stefano can take care of every detail of his restaurant, but not only. Now it can take advantage of literally enchanting spaces full of history, for the separate management of weddings and unique events.

How to join weddings and restaurant? The secret is in quality and passion

In reality, Chef Cerveni explains, kitchen management is optimal.

The philosophy held in the management of weddings is identical to that followed daily in the restaurant.

This philosophy can be summed up in two words: Quality and Passion.

Quality of raw materials and their cooking only internally prepared.

Passion for weddings, which turns into adrenaline for the most important day of a couple.

โ€œWedding is a party to be made unforgettable. Seeing the newlyweds and their happy guests is real satisfaction for the whole Due Colombe restaurant team. โ€

Satisfaction that can be found in the feedback by the spouses. In fact, a close and direct relationship with Stefano and Sara is often born, building true friendships.

A made to measure kitchen

About sixty weddings are organized annually in the Due Colombe Restaurant.

For each couple, a starry wedding menu is proposed, created ad hoc and based on the requests of future spouses.

The knowledge and experience of Chef Stefano Cerveni and his brigade allow you to manage traditional “ancient” dishes, but also more particular and creative solutions.
All this could be brought together with attention and experience in a single menu.

Chef Stefano Cerveni, can you tell to us a funny anecdote?

It is speaking of the importance of the work done by his brigade, mostly composed of permanent staff, and of Sara’s fundamental role in managing the reception and logistics of the spouses, that Stefano tells us about a “small” fact dating now several years ago.

Before Sara helped Stefano following everything related to the logistics of a wedding, the Chef happened to have to prepare all the elements of the most beautiful day of the wedding.

Accidentally, the name of the groom inserted on the placeholder was actually that of the ex of the new bride.

Imagine Stefano’s panic and embarrassment!

Luckily, all the guests (and the bride and groom) thought it was a joke and, once the error was revealed, everything was resolved with a big laugh and the bride and groom forgave Stefano thanks to the quality of the dishes offered.

Today Chef Cerveni tells this event with a smile and is literally “relieved” to be able to delegate this part of the wedding management to a person of complete trust.

How are you contacted?

Although the internet is an interesting tool, Stefano tells us, word of mouth remains fundamental and the most important tool for the Due Colombe Restaurant.

Therefore, word of mouth remains important precisely because of the direct relationship established with the spouses and for the availability shown towards the guests.

This is the reason why Chef Cerveni prefers not to participate to sector fairs. There is no human relationship.

And the future?

There are no particular changes to the Due Colombe Restaurant, except, of course, the continuous experimentation and evolution in the kitchen.

What else? … We invite you to try the cuisine of Chef Stefano Cerveni and his whole team.

So we thank the innkeeper Stefano and Sara for the availability and for this very interesting chat.

See you at the next wedding ๐Ÿ˜‰