partecipazioni di nozze in franciacorta

Wedding invitations in Italy – Chantilly, the Partner of Love In Franciacorta

Wedding invitations in Italy

Love In Franciacorta is a quality resource for future spouses from the early stages of the organization and realization of their wedding in Italy, starting for example from wedding invitations.

Have you already heard of Partecipazioni Chantilly, invitations and more by hand and of a very high quality?

Well, here is the right opportunity to know them.

Thought to exist

Chantilly was born from the need and desire of Daniele and Alessandra to leave the standard proposals for wedding invitations.

Their manual skills and aptitude for craftsmanship and tailoring have certainly played a fundamental role.

So they started creating invitations that weren’t there before! Invitations designed to excite.

Their origins with wedding invitations

Their “shop”, as Daniele and Alessandra like to call it, opened its doors a decade ago.

Even today, they feel obliged to thank those who have given them confidence right away, allowing the project to grow, to structure itself and to get to today.

In recent years there has been no lack of special requests, sometimes real challenges, faced very well by these two excellent “craftsmen”.

Each request can hide particularities to be addressed with professionalism and creativity, going beyond prepackaged styles and genres.

There is no limit to the imagination for these wedding invitations in Franciacorta.

Over the years, in fact, Daniele and Alessandra have responded to the most particular requests and created themed works of any kind.

Their strengths about wedding invitations

Surely the taste in the choice of materials, the colour combinations and the captivating graphic solutions are very important for the success of Chantilly’s wedding invitations.

The design of the graphics for the wedding invitations proposed is fresh and innovative, but above all “unique”, tailor-made for each couple.

The personalization of the details is that final touch that completes a great job.

Daniele and Alessandra’s creativity allows them to be original, however, does not take away their respect for the harmony and naturalness of the final result.

A 360 degree proposal

Partecipazioni Chantilly guarantees the possibility of customizing the wedding invitations of each couple of future spouses in Franciacorta (and outside).

These real design objects will be unique and built on their personal tastes.

Surely the precision in the realization of the wedding invitations in Franciacorta, and in the delivery times, is a strong point of the Chantilly “craftsmen”.

Do you know that there is the possibility to create press coordinates for a wedding in Franciacorta?

In addition to the wedding invitations, Daniele and Alessandra can take care of the ceremony booklet, the menu and even the fan or the packaging for the wedding favors.

A real 360 degree service!

What is said about them

It is precisely through the interpretation of the expectations of the couples that Chantilly wedding projects are always evolving.

Each input and request received constitute a stimulating opportunity to improve.

The feedback received by Daniele and Alessandra are real positive stimuli to go on with their passions. Here are some examples:

“Elisa: Service corresponding to the photos. They immediately understood our needs and it was very important for us to be able to manage everything via email given the tight deadlines.

The delivery was on time and Alessandra was very helpful! “

“Valentina: We met Chantilly through the Internet because I was looking for a supplier for the invitations and all the other wedding materials that would convey something different, close to our idea of ​​a winter wedding.

And so it was, their simple, essential style enhances the details even more.

Alessandra and Daniele were really helpful and creative at the right point to make our wishes come true. “

“Tatiana: Excellent invitations, speed, competence, professionalism.

Everything perfect in detail! They satisfied every need. Then, the originality of the invitations was very appreciated by our guests! Thank you!”

How to find them

The Internet is confirmed as the best showcase for Daniele and Alessandra di Chantilly, too.

It usually corresponds to the first step, the Internet contact, followed by a meeting during which the future spouses can touch their creations with their hands: the wedding invitations and more.

They also collaborate with wedding planners for whom they work on their project.

Desires for the future

In years where attention to ecology is increasing so much and respect for nature must become a constant, Daniele and Alessandra see the future with respect for the planet.

For some time, they have been selecting organic papers and cards made with sustainable processes.

Certainly, the beauty of their creations will never change, but a lot of attention for ecological materials will constitute an added value for the invitation and for Nature.

We can only congratulate you on this conscious and forward-looking choice.

Good luck guys, thanks for your availability and we will come back to see you soon.