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Wedding bouquet in Italy – Love In Franciacorta suggest…

Wedding bouquet

Together with the veil, the wedding bouquet is the accessory that par excellence connotes the bride, in our most classic vision.

The bridal bouquet is linked to the outfit, but also to the theme and decorations of her wedding in Franciacorta.

That’s why it is so important to choose the wedding bouquet, evaluating the trends of the current season.

There are many styles and trends of bouquets and they are able to pass beyond the passage of time.

The floral designers’ innovations and proposals, in fact, wink at the past more and more often.

Exactly as we have seen for every detail in the bride’s look.

What are the best proposals and what is reconfirmed compared to the past season?

We will certainly find the Domo or Bondu bouquet, made up of long-stemmed flowers, wrapped in a cloth ribbon that recalls the fabric of the wedding dress.

Chic and unkempt bouquets like hair

The idea behind the Domo or Bondu bouquet for wedding is the same that we can find in numerous hairstyles.

Strands and braids seem to have been collected almost by accident, when the person who carries out the project has a very clear underlying structural logic.

It therefore happens that for the disheveled bouquets, the flowers, the shape and the structure appear almost improvised.

Freshly picked” wildflowers actually conceal the floral designer’s precise idea of ​​wanting to surprise, playing on colour contrasts and lengths.

If you do not want a discounted or already seen wedding bouquet, you have here identified the most suitable solution for you!

Wedding bouquet with leaves

A useful idea to enrich the bridal bouquet is to create decorations with green tips.

In 2018 the protagonists are the leaves: rich, luxuriant and extremely elegant.

They perfectly match boho chic weddings, in elegant open-air gardens.

You can decide whether to make the leaves the only protagonists of your bouquet with green charm or whether to mix and weave them into small flowers.

Ferns, eucalyptus and olive trees will be among the protagonists of this season.


There are always many brides who ask for a minimal chic style bridal bouquet for their wedding.

The monochromatic bouquet is a timeless classic, which is confirmed for 2018 as a true wedding trend.

Together with total white, the pastel nuances typical of roses, hydrangeas and peonies are flanked.

An increasingly popular trend is to compose monochrome bouquets with a single type of flower.

The must of the season? Lily of the valley and gypsophila.

Wedding bouquet with natural inserts

2018 once again pushes aside the idea of ​​jewel or fabric applications. In short, to ban everything that is not natural and naturally beautiful, artificial and artifact.

The touch of class is represented by those natural inserts that can recall the season or the theme of the wedding.

Berries, lavender, spikes, chillies, radishes, pine cones, vanilla beans or small, not yet ripe fruits, will also be perfect as a boutonnière for men’s formal clothing.

Hoop bouquet

Do you want to impress everyone with an unusual and original bouquet?

The answer may lie in the hoop bouquet: a wooden or metal hula hoop-like hoop that is held in your hands as if it were a simple bag, decorated with flowers and many, many leaves.

The hoop bouquet takes up the typical shape of the bucolic flower hair wreaths.

It is a beautiful solution for a country or shabby ceremony, perhaps combined to a vintage wedding dress.

And for a reluctant and clumsy bride, or simply not used to using this accessory for a whole day is there an alternative?

Yes! There is a traditional and less cumbersome alternative: the bracelet bouquet.

We are talking about a small floral composition to be worn on the arm, which can take up the nuances of the wedding hairstyle, made with fresh flowers.

An idea in vogue for 2018 and which recalls the corsage of bridesmaids, usually combined with their formal dresses.

To you future brides the choice of the bridal bouquet that best represents you.