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Nuanced wedding dresses in Italy – Love In Franciacorta

Nuanced wedding dresses (or also know as ombré)

Nuanced wedding dresses are one of a thousand choices in terms of wedding dresses and are very successful among the most extroverted women.

This particular look is well suited to brides who would like to wear something a little different from the usual white dress for their wedding day in Franciacorta.

Here you are: the original shaded wedding dresses

Let’s discover them.

This type of wedding dress is perfect for women who want to be modern, without distorting too much the elegance of the classic bridal look.

The nuanced wedding dresses, in fact, represent an original variant halfway between the traditional “total white” bridal aspect and the coloured dresses.

They are apparently classic wedding dresses, but with a surprise ending.

Starting from the hips, or even lower from the knees or ankles, shades of colour appear on the skirt of the wedding dress, more or less evident (in our opinion sublime).

The most appreciated shades? Ivory, sky blue and powder pink

Undoubtedly, blush pink and light blue represent the most used to recreate these shades  on your nuanced wedding dresses.

Even ivory, however, can be that wonderful shade, if you decide, for example, to play with ornaments and bustiers in white lace, giving the faded wedding dresses a decidedly romantic but at the same time modern air.

Then what is the most suitable suit for you?

Nuanced wedding dresses or not, when you have all the elements to start your scrupulous choice, still get help from the experts in the sector by contacting an experienced Atelier.

At the same time, trust your instincts, the mirror and those who love you and will be with you on this very important search.

The choice of the wedding dress will bring you a memory that will last a lifetime!

Still not convinced? Next week we will dedicate an article to “empire style” wedding dresses.