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Bride veil for your wedding in Italy – Love in Franciacorta

Bride veil for your wedding in Italy

The bride veil is one of the accessories par excellence of the woman on the day of her wedding in Italy.

Already used in ancient Rome, the bridal veil was an auspicious symbol.

Over time, this accessory, as well as the bridal bouquet, has transformed by adapting to the fashion and styles of wedding dresses.

Even if the brid veil is not used by all, Love In Franciacorta will offer you a rundown of the latest trends. Solutions that can make this accessory perfect for any bride’s look.

The wedding veil as a hairband: a jump in the past

Let’s jump into the 1920s with the long bridal veil that wraps around the head.

If you wear a vintage wedding dress, this model will undoubtedly be for you.

To stop it at your head you can choose among a metal headband, a diadem, a wreath of flowers or a satin band.

You can customize this accessory with inserts that recall your dress, shoes or jewelry.

All this, of course, to obtain an extremely original and elegant look.

The timeless plumetis as a wedding veil

The plumetis is a veiled fabric with small raised patterns, especially pois, distributed evenly.

This is a solution that has always been widely used in the field of bridal fashion. Wearing a veil in plumetis means choosing a refined and romantic style, especially in its long version.

A shorter solution, on the other hand, allows you to obtain a fresh and youthful appearance, but without sacrificing the elegance determined by this classic and wonderful wedding veil.

Wedding veil for the most lively brides

Short bridal veils make their way over the years, especially the triangle ones (they are also called flyaways), which are attached to the hairstyle thanks to a comb.

These are always fashionable solutions, very popular in the sixties and never abandoned in the years.

The volume of the canvas in the center of the head gives the brides a brisk and informal look, ideal for the most lively girls and women.

Perfect veils if worn with short wedding dresses, they also lend themselves well to long ones to soften their excessive formality.

The very elegant lace

When it comes to bridal veils: lace is an timeless one.

The latest trends see the birth of very particular embroideries, applied to the edges, not only of the very long chapel or cathedral veils, but also of the shorter ones, at the elbow or at the waist.

Whatever the length chosen, lace lends itself well to accompany garments of any style and fabric, from simple satin wedding dresses to lace, with a mermaid or princess cut.

Wedding veil with points of light

Among the latest trends is that of inserting small light points, for example glitter, along the entire length of the bridal veil or exclusively on the edges.

These details, especially if inserted on short and medium length veils, give brightness to the face and create games of references with other elements of the bridal look, from the inserts of the dress to those of the jewel sandals.

The mantiglia for a romantic choice

For brides looking for a romantic, classic and very feminine look, the mantilla wedding veil will never go out of style.

It is a long veil, edged with wonderful embroideries, which is placed in the center of the head and then falls softly on the sides.

It will frame the face of any bride will choose it, highlighting her eyes and lips.

With a natural bridal makeup and a simple hairstyle, this veil will give a princess-like look of the past for a dream wedding in Franciacorta.

After the wedding dress and the bride shoes or sandals, the bridal veil is the most visible element on the wedding day.

Whether your style is traditional or modern, the latest trends are truly adapting to every taste and personality, leaving you spoiled for choice.

One thing is certain: wearing a veil, whatever your favorite model, will make you feel real divas and, with the right hairstyle and bridal makeup, will give brightness to your face, on the day of your wedding in Franciacorta.