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Bridal shoes or sandals for your wedding in Italy – Love in Franciacorta

Bridal shoes or sandals. What to choose for your wedding

When it comes to the look of the bride, we are not only talking about her wedding dress but also about her bridal shoes.

The proposals of the fashion houses are very generous in terms of wonder, flair and originality.

In this way they can easily adapt to the style and tastes of each future bride.

Of course, the bride’s dress is the protagonist, but what will complete the look if not the combined shoes?

This article is dedicated to them! We will explain the main features, so that you can choose the right wedding shoes for your wedding day in Franciacorta.

Lace wedding shoes for the most romantic women

Yes! The timeless lace!

Equipped with refined elegance and extreme femininity, the highly sought after shoes covered in lace will be perfect to combine with the wedding dress.

With applications: bows and roses for all the brides

Not necessarily only gems are used to enrich bridal shoes! This year the applications are even more refined, imaginative, original, but always sophisticated.

We will move from classic and romantic bows on the ankle, to elegant red roses for a young, fresh bride who wants to break the rules, but with style.

Heel yes, but not too much for wedding shoes

Those who want to evade the saying “looking beautiful is hard work” for their wedding day, preferring low heels, will not be without prestigious solutions.

The proposals are really many. In fact, we can mention closed shoes, perfectly finished and elegant, even without heels, or models with different lengths and in various styles. To you the choice!

Coloured wedding shoes, but also silver and gold

Together with the classic whiteness of the most chic wedding shoes, in various shades from milk white to ivory and champagne, this year gold and silver are also going crazy.

Of course, there are also proposals such as beige and antique pink or nude colours.

Coloured bridal shoes will also be perfect, to be worn with tanned feet and on equally coloured wedding dresses or, in any case, they will present a detail of the same colour as the shoes.

3 good reasons to choose sandals as bridal shoes

Despite the tradition that the shoes worn by the bride are closed, décolleté type, there are three good and valid reasons to choose sandals.

First, because many fashion houses, for years now, offer an infinity of elegant and all types of bride sandals.

Secondly, because if you get married in the summer, the tension and the heat could make you sweat particularly and, with a pair of open shoes, you will be more comfortable and cool.

Third, because they are bold, sensual, beautiful to look at and even more to wear.

In addition, opting for an open shoe will allow you to show off your cured pedicure.

Braided sandals

Sandal lovers with the classic high stiletto heel will love the braided ones.

This is the type of sandal that keeps the foot more firmly inside the shoe, wrapping the instep with buckles often embellished with rhinestones and glitter.

These intertwined sandals, with more or less thick textures, give a really sexy touch to the foot.

Even more intriguing are the t-bar sandals

Named after the T-shape that the strap recreates, the instep goes up from the tip, closing behind the ankle.

It is a very classic model in reality, revisited by fashion houses in increasingly glamorous versions as bridal shoes.

Thanks to their shape, these sandals naturally enhance the figure. If you are a future bride who wants to “earn several centimetres”, this is a solution to consider.

Ankle boots sandals

Despite the saying “a wet knot is harder to untie” (in Italian: “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”) surely for that day the sun will be the dream of every couple, also because by getting your feet wet you won’t feel wrapped up in good luck.

If you are fond of sandals you will not want to give up even with the risk of rain.

The famous “ankle boots” could be for you.

Of course, they deviate a little from the traditional idea of ​​wedding shoes, but among the current proposals, we find sensual lace ankle boots are ideal for daring brides.

Jewel or minimal chic sandals

The jewel sandals, among the wedding shoes, are undoubtedly the favorite of women. These shoes literally sparkle the feet of the brides who wear them.

“Refinement” is the watchword this year

All jewel sandals are, in fact, embellished with sophisticated applications, never excessive, wrapping the foot and slimming it.

These solutions are recommended for a reception in the evening, rather than during the day, and only for summer weddings.

Flat wedding sandals

If you are not used to walking on high heels or if you are afraid of being unnatural or, even worse, falling down while walking to the altar, “stick to the ground” wearing flat sandals.

There are different types, in a minimal chic style, lighter but equally sophisticated.

You can find them in the delicate colours of white, ivory and champagne, but also in the gold and silver colours, perfect to combine with vintage wedding dresses.

Now choose, future brides in Franciacorta, and don’t worry: you will be fabulous !!!