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Wedding Planner in Italy – Francesca T.

Wedding Planner in Italy and Franciacorta

The Love In Franciacorta project aims to offer serious professionals in organizing a wedding in Franciacorta, starting with the Wedding Planner in Italy.

We at Love In Franciacorta have interacted with many professionals, selecting the best ones.

Many Wedding Planners in Italy showed up and were listened to (in their way of operating within the organization of weddings in Franciacorta).

Who did stand out from the Wedding Planner in Italy?

Francesca T. was our choice and we are proud of it!

She is young, fresh, she wants to do and she has the right skills.

Consider that, in Italy, the figure of the “pure” wedding Planner is difficult to find, many locations offer an internal Wedding Planner, which can take care of many things.

Often, however, that “Wedding Planner” has not really carried out a course of study that can lead her to be called Wedding Planner while our Francesca T. got it!

Then, in the first case, the skills and interests are limited to the proposals of the structure proposing its WP.

Let’s introduce you Francesca T.

Always in love with the magic of the wedding in Franciacorta, the emotions and the joyful atmosphere that is created, here is Francesca!

After her studies in Italy and trips abroad to improve English, this young woman realized that her creative and passionate side pushed to come to light.

So she began to deepen topics such as fashion, elegance, style and approached what she was most passionate about: the wedding in Franciacorta.

Very ambitious this Francesca who wants to try her hand at organizing such an important event!

However, Francesca knew that passion and “simple” research on fashion and elegance were not enough to make her a Wedding Planner in Franciacorta, “you had to go back to school”.

… And school be!

Thus she began a period of training that allows her to enter this fantastic world.

In these years she had immediately the opportunity to know splendid locations in Franciacorta, with which she began to organize weddings in Italy as a true Wedding Planner as she is.

The collaboration with the professionals selected by her, on the basis of the quality and services offered, grew together with her professional training.

Her objective

Francesca lives the entire wedding with the couple, from the preparations until the last guest comes out, to make that day flawless and unforgettable.

It is certainly a demanding job, but very rewarding for her.

We like to tell you that when she speaks her eyes light up and this thing makes us excited a lot.

The Wedding Planner in Franciacorta (and she specifically) is able to understand the couple’s wishes and make them come true. She is with future spouses at all times, in every choice, making sure that everything is natural and simple.

Francesca is very fond of the emotion that characterizes this event, especially in the preparation stages.

She helps the couple to manage this emotional aspect too, so that the wedding experience is a beautiful, light and non-stressful memory from the beginning.

The conclusion

After meeting the couple, after the preparation of their wedding in Franciacorta and after the wedding day, the best part is to finish your job realizing their satisfaction.

Being able to make their day special, simple and perfect, and receiving their compliments for the organization, is the best confirmation for Francesca that the path taken is the right one.

What they say about her

Francesca’s spouses say that her main characteristic is calm.

In such a tense climate as that of the preparatory phase, one must be able to coordinate and maintain the necessary balance so that everything goes in the right direction.

The spouses feel safe in her hands.

Through this work Francesca has also managed to develop a remarkable listening ability, essential to understand what people want and dream.

She often happens to anticipate ideas of which the spouses have not yet spoken to her, leaving everyone amazed and pleased, creating that atmosphere of fundamental mutual trust.

The dreams of a Wedding Planner in Franciacorta

Francesca expects a lot of work and an expansion of her business from the future.

She would like to get closer to other cultures, to go into their traditions regarding marriage and organize weddings both in Italy and abroad.

Starting from Franciacorta Francesca wants to go a long way !!!

We can only wish her the best.