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Wedding photographer in Italy – Andrea Mutti Photography

Wedding photographer in Italy and Franciacorta

A very important job that will last forever and that is the burden and responsibility of the wedding photographer in Italy.

When you remember your wedding in Franciacorta, the memory goes to the photographic story.

It is really a great responsibility. Here in Love In Franciacorta we know we are in excellent hands with the studio of Andrea Mutti Photography.

Let’s know better the protagonist partner met today

Andrea Mutti Photography is a young studio, carried out by two people with a deep passion for photography.

It all started with Andrea Mutti, first a photographer, motivated by a deep curiosity for photography since adolescence, then a university student at the Polytechnic of Milan and finally an italian professional photographer.

Andrea, graduated with full marks in Communication Design, with a thesis on Copyright in Photography, never leaves this world.

In fact, photography immediately became an ingredient in the creation of complex communication systems, mainly within the company.

His apprenticeship

The development of his passion (and his current work) from the beginning has focused completely on communication, because, as Andrea continues to explain us, “photography must communicate and tell something“.

Co-founder and for years president of a photographic association and, subsequently, teacher of basic and/or more advanced photographic courses, Andrea met his partner and assistant photographer Eleonora with whom he starts several projects including Shooting My Pet, a photographic studio dedicated to pets.

Moreover, Andrea is nowadays Professor in one of the most renowned and prestigious realities in Brescia: the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts.

Andrea Mutti has actually started his professional career since 2009.

Initially the works are mainly corporate. In the years, Andrea increasingly cultivated his passion of photographer, until he became a wedding photographer in Italy, in Franciacorta and everywhere.

Since then, personal satisfactions have been numerous.

His career as professional photographer went in growing: from being official photographer of exclusive events and prestigious dinner shows in historic Venetian villas or at the Cannes Film Festival, to boast his own photographs within the permanent collection in Modena dedicated to the master Franco Fontana.

Photography and weddings. An unbreakable bond

Officially, his activity as a wedding photographer in Italy began in 2011.

The first request came, as often happens, from friends who trusted him not only for his style, but also to feel at ease.

Certainly, at the beginning, experiences as a wedding photographer were more occasional.

Over time, however, the work increases like the possibility of improving and experimenting more and more, refining his technique in the photographic field.

The turning point

Every professional should keep constantly updated with the times and with fashions, all without losing his identity!

Well, Andrea Mutti has done it and is still doing it (and knowing him personally we are sure, he will never stop!)

During a workshop in Piedmont, held by some exponents of an international wedding studio, Andrea is particularly inspired.

What catches his attention most is the beauty of the wedding reportage, perfect for a wedding in Franciacorta.

From here starts his professional turn.

Let’s talk about weddings in Italy and in Franciacorta

Andrea and Eleonora, his assistant, explain us that every wedding in Italy, and in Franciacorta, is unique and really special.

Each time a particular relationship is created between the wedding photographer and the spouses.

In addition to the purely technical side (shots, shooting parametres and “problem solving”) there is a deeper and empathic part.

So is the human side behind everything for a wedding photographer in Italy, like you?

The answer is yes.

Interpreting the situation, being available, leads the photographer to sometimes have to lean the camera to help the newlyweds.

One example is the nice anecdote told by Andrea. The bride needed a hand in closing the dress (and for the photographer it can be a moment of “anguish and terror” … ahahaha).

Relationship of trust between the spouses and the photographer is fundamental.

The professional must face a day to remember, creating a story at the height of the wedding in Franciacorta, to be delivered as a precious treasure.

A wedding photographer must always be able to reassure and advise the bride and groom in the best way.

More relaxed spouses will enjoy their party more, all for the benefit of the story of their wedding in Franciacorta.

Every wedding photographer has his own style in telling this important event.

The spouses, before making a choice, should be well aware of who will tell their wedding in Franciacorta.

Clarity and correctness, on both fronts, is essential to be fully satisfied, both on the day of celebration and in the final delivery.

How Andrea Mutti works as wedding photographer in Italy?

Andrea Mutti and his staff take care of a single wedding a day, so as to ensure maximum care for each job commissioned.

The work of wedding photographer for Andrea and Eleonora is complete if it starts from the preparation of both spouses and arrives at the end of the wedding late at night.

Andrea proposes an authorial report. The stolen shots are interspersed with expertly constructed photographs, which focus on the newlyweds.

Don’t worry, we are not speaking about those classic, and often unnatural, posed photos that Andrea likes to define as “a country photographer” product.

Andrea proposes creative shots, sometimes extremely minimal, interspersed with a wise use of lights, built over time, with study and practice. A lot of practice.

The spouses, since the premarital, are pleasantly surprised.

From a simple kiss, from one hand in the other and from a natural embrace, in a few seconds the shot is served.

We are talking about a unique memory, able to excite even before the wedding.

Let’s dispel the clichés about the wedding photographer

Initially, Andrea Mutti viewed wedding photography with suspicion. Certainly a more provincial atmosphere brought with it the concept of a wedding photography made by the classic village photographer. Professional figure that Andrea has never felt like.

Andrea would never have made the bride and groom pose with those unnatural attitudes.

According to Andrea’ Studio, in fact, simplicity and naturalness are fundamental qualities for a truthful and spontaneous story.

Fortunately, wedding photography has changed, it has evolved giving the opportunity to be new and creative and to put your “signature” in a photographic work.

Therefore are wedding photographers who are a continuous source of inspiration for Andrea: such as the Hoffer Studio, internationally, or the wedding photographer Carlo Carletti as far as Italy is concerned.

Let’s talk about examples that have traced a line regarding the quality and prestige of wedding photography.

How to find out Andrea Mutti Photography

Over the years, word of mouth has always remained a fundamental vehicle for being contacted and confirmed as a photographer for a wedding in Franciacorta.

“Often, – Andrea tells us – couples present at weddings observe our work and ask directly for contact to find out in detail the works carried out.

Even the web, however, is a vehicle that is impossible to give up in order to be known and contacted.

“Our website, our corporate social profiles and portals dedicated to marriage such as Love In Franciacorta and are important for making ourselves known.”

An eye to the future

Andrea is a constantly evolving wedding photographer (and his staff too).

For him, the present and the future are connected.

Investing in workshops allows to always enrich your “foundations” (there is always something to learn).

Having created the portal Love In Franciacorta allowed to grow more and more in the wedding reportage.

With the possibility of enhancing Franciacorta, the native land to which the Studio feels closely linked.

For now, Andrea Mutti Photography aims to establish itself nationally, but, in the future, it hopes to be able to make its photographs known (together with its Love In Franciacorta portal) also at an international level.

Good luck” guys! We wish you to grow more and more.