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Vintage cars for weddings in Italy – Love In Franciacorta

Vintage cars for weddings, Love In Franciacorta’s advice

Observing the fashions that have blossomed in recent years, one wonders how a trend arises, for us at Love In Franciacorta the question arose spontaneously: how was the request for vintage cars for weddings born?

After all, we are always looking for new and winning ideas for the organization of the weddings, including the choice of vintage cars.

To better understand

The passion for vintage is now well known to all. This “mania” towards the old concerns not only furnishings or furnishing accessories or clothing, it mainly concerns vintage cars, and also motorcycles. Passion definitely created and transmitted by our grandparents and parents.

Already in 2016, before the start of the Love In Franciacorta project, it was in vogue to organize weddings with means other than the usual, unconventional ones.

Besides Franciacorta, but above all Brescia, is the home of the Mille Miglia.

What is the Mille Miglia?

The Mille Miglia was a long distance race which was held in Italy twenty-four times, from 1927 to 1957 (13 editions before the Second World War and 11 after 1947). Since 1977, the Mille Miglia has changed in the form of a regularity race for vintage cars.

Vintage cars, Vespa and Franciacorta. A “natural” link

Thanks also to the Mille Miglia, Franciacorta is so tied to vintage cars for weddings, but not only!

The protagonists: the vintage cars for weddings and tours in Franciacorta!

Think about a splendid territory like Franciacorta, rolling hills, nature all around you and a mild climate.

The combination is almost natural. Such a beautiful landscape blends perfectly with the style of vintage cars or captivating Vespa scooters, for dream weddings, but also for tours to discover these hills.

A large number of private individuals and companies, passionate about these unconventional vehicles, offer a vintage car or a Vespa rental service, within the Franciacorta borders.

Often with the technical support of travel agencies such as the Amerigo Viaggi agency, it is possible to organize and plan tours including vintage car and Vespa rental, complete with a map and with points of interest to look for in Franciacorta.

Moreover, thanks to the wedding planners, you can decide to have dream cars within your wedding in Franciacorta.

The link with our territory, both for the spouses and for the “simple” tourists, takes place through the Strada del Franciacorta which is a real path to discover the land of Italian bubbles.

Urban legends

A nice anecdote told us by different renters of unconventional vehicles is about 2 foreign tourists (more precisely an Irish couple of the ’45).

In July 2017, this couple rented 2 Vespa scooters, to visit Franciacorta first and secondly Como Lake.

According to the Irish, the trip was made on the highway, but since fines have never arrived, this story has become a urban legend,
Surely it must have been an adventure!

Another nice and, decidedly more recent, memory regards a tour always held in Franciacorta driving Vespa on May 1st.

The participants stopped at the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve in Franciacorta and they were all blessed by the local friar… Vespa included!

In addition to vintage cars for weddings, many events organized in Italy

In addition to vintage cars for weddings in Italy, the events, organized in Franciacorta, are marked by 4 fundamental points:

  • Gastronomic
  • Wine and Food
  • Landscape
  • Cultural

Italy and Franciacorta is full of excellence!

Let’s talk about vintage cars for weddings

The rents for the wedding in Italy and Franciacorta of these splendid vehicles are mostly with a driver, given the difficulty in driving.

Well, with dream cars like the splendid Lancia Fulvia from 1872 (5 seats), with the 1960 Triumph Sports (2 seats, right-hand drive) and with the Vintage Fiat 900 Bus from 1980 (7 seats), how can the newlyweds resist?!

Not to mention the splendid Vespas, which, set up for the wedding party, are extremely chic.

Moreover, the rental of vintage cars is not required only weddings.

Vintage cars are often requested for hen or bachelor parties and the vintage bus, which can accommodate more people, is particularly successful.

It is definitely a splendid mean of transport to get around and, combined with the driver, it allows all passengers to drink more with no risks among the various cellars of Franciacorta.

The future of vintage cars in Italy

More and more fans, dust off their vintage cars from the garage and “put them back” again!

The demand for vintage cars for weddings is growing and all this brings so much “Dolce Vita” beauty to Franciacorta, but also a lot of commitment.

In fact, it is no small matter to find their spare parts, that are now out of production, and they are expensive in terms of maintenance.

We hope we have entertained you with this article regarding vintage cars for weddings.

We update to the next blog article.