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A perfect wedding dress for your wedding

There are those who daydream a perfect wedding dress since she was a child and those who, on the other hand, start dreaming about it from the day of the fateful proposal.

Every woman is different and magnificent! The dress chosen for her wedding in Franciacorta will have to fall perfectly, will have to enhance and fully represent her.

A perfect wedding dress is the result of a lot of research, patience and countless tailoring tests.

Moreover, the choice of the dress is fundamental within the organization of the wedding, so that the bride is the undisputed protagonist with her loved one during their wedding in the vineyards in Franciacorta.

Who among women has never thought, at least once in life, at what the dress for your wedding will be?

Do you know that choosing the perfect wedding dress is one of the first thoughts of a future bride, from the moment she makes the decision to get married in Franciacorta?

For sure, growing, every woman’s dreams will focus on concrete, more than fantastic ideas.

For example, she will move from the desire of a child for a veil ten meters long to one that barely reaches two, but not only, other details of the much dreamed wedding dress could change.

White or coloured? Long or short? Classic or eccentric? Romantic or austere? Vaporoso or sober? With veil or without? In organza, tulle, georgette, mikado, satin, shantung, taffeta or velvet?

How to choose the your wedding dress? It seems like an insurmontable problem

Each woman, month after month, will be able to understand, to rearrange her ideas and finally will be able to make the right choice.

It is thanks to her dreams, to a mirror and to those who will give her the right advice, that every woman will feel confident of the decision made and of her image for her wedding day in Franciacorta.

In the next articles, therefore, we will analyze some of the most popular wedding dress models, so as to understand the differences and how to move in choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Curious, confident and close to the wedding?

We only ask you to be patient with the release of the next articles to listen to our advice …

we are the professionals of the Love In Franciacorta wedding! In the meantime you can discover the elegant proposals and wedding creations of our Partners.

(To be continued…)