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Music in Franciacorta for the wedding: here you are Active Times!

Music in Italy for your marriage? Here you are Avtive Times, a very surprising reality!

Today at Love In Franciacorta we met the team of Active Times, a company specialized in music in Italy for the weddings .

To tell you the truth, the proposals offered by this team are varied, fun and designed to give weddings a touch of magic… Let’s get to know them a little better.

A group of artists and technicians so complete and dynamic, structured over years of work, deserves all the success that it is building day by day for music in italian wedding.

We are sure of it: the spouses who will entrust themselves to them for the soundtrack of the wedding in Italy will only be fully satisfied.

Let’s start from Active Times’ origins and the music in Italy

Active Times was born in 2009 from an idea of ​​DJ Michele Rota, determined to organize his first special event: a New Year Party.

The event is arranged in detail and it is the source from which he derives the stimuli necessary to continue his professional dream, to deal with music.

From 2012 to now, the continuous presence in the field of this project has allowed Active Times to grow musically.

Over the years, musicians, singers, DJs and service providers with the best experience and professionalism in the wedding sector have been selected. The watchword is elegance and the ability to guarantee competitive and quality entertainment for the newlyweds.

Moreover, like any team that points to the future, Active Times could not fail to invest in extremely reliable instruments and, in small steps, it did. In fact today we can talk about a solid group that can handle every need.

After years of evenings in clubs, discos and company events, we are curious: how the adventure of weddings was born?

The anecdote is very nice, in 2012 the DJ founder of Active Times Michele Rota’s sister married, and, on that occasion, he made his first DJ Set for music in Italy dedicated to the wedding!

The satisfactions in managing the animation of the wedding were many and very funny, so Michele chose to devote more attention to this “road”.

In that first and special wedding, Michele was joined by the animator Stefano, by the trio of singers Chicmel, today a duo made up of Ilaria and Chiara, and by super Jenny, a professional in children’s animation and in group dances as choreographer.

You will still find all these artists on the collective website.

Attracted by this new world full of love and satisfaction, where people are actively involved in animation and appreciate a job done “as it should be”, the team has the opportunity to grow and structure itself.

Today we find very close-knit figures, capable of offering various artistic solutions directly to the spouses, with an eye always focused on quality.

The Active Times proposal

Active Times professionals are able to offer musical entertainment for all times of the day and beyond.

In addition to the music for italian wedding, the group of artists offers settings with scenographic lights, video projections and, of course, 360 degree audio.

Some examples?

One of all. The very important animation for children, able to entertain even the little ones, giving relaxation and tranquility to their parents.

The Active Times staff will follow all the organizational aspects inherent in music (SIAE, permits and so on).

This allows to guarantee a greater serenity to the spouses, who will therefore be able to delegate some “thoughts” for such an important day.

All this professionalism can only lead to positive feedback from the public towards the Active Times team.

Each event is a continuous stimulus to evolve, grow and invest in news at the service of the spouses and their guests.

Active Times professionals are always careful to add something to their work by following and, sometimes, anticipating the current world fashions.

Michele, always attentive to the target audience, knows that to involve and convince couples of future spouses he must constantly invest in news.

But this is not enough.

Fundamental is the knowledge of the market and knowing how to be found… And here the web factor comes into play.

The social networks and portals dedicated to the spouses have rewarded this far-sighted reality by giving it more and more work.

Word of mouth, however, always remains, for Michele and his team, a source of emotion, inspiration and drive…. It is wonderful to know that the memory of their performances gave way to other weddings, on the advice of those directly involved: the spouses!

The future of Active Times and the music for italian wedding

The future is full of opportunities and Active Times is expanding in the music for wedding party to provide new services such as:

  • italian style gardens lighting
  • architectural lighting
  • video projections
  • videos
  • special effects (such as Sparkular, see more on their site)
  • audio

What about not complimenting this team and understanding how many sacrifices and how much passion there is at the basis of the Active Times’s success.

Michele, keep it up!