allestimenti floreali per le nozze in franciacorta

Floral arrangements for wedding in Italy – Metaflora

Floral arrangements for wedding in Italy

In Love In Franciacorta we know how difficult it is to organize perfect weddings in Franciacorta and the floral decorations are a fundamental part of it.

Metaflora Wedding Flowers, the partner we have selected, is a consolidated reality in the area and with a lot of experience behind it.

For those who still do not know them, you will be able to discover their passion and their approach to marriage, also thanks to this interview.

Everything has a beginning

Metaflora Wedding Flowers was born as a shop of plants, flowers and vases, over the years, the preparation of events and weddings in Italy became the main activity for Daniele and Alessandra (real “craftsmen” in the world of wedding invitations, too).

These fantastic guys devote all their time and energy to designing and preparing floral arrangements for wedding, paying meticulous attention to every detail.

From the shop they move on to a large laboratory, where there are cold rooms and a warehouse, essential to manage all the material they offer for hire.

Being able to offer such a high specialization and organization is undoubtedly one of their strengths.

Their first floral design for wedding

Fifteen years ago “their” first marriage and how many memories.

In recent years they have seen hundreds of churches and locations all over northern Italy and in particular in their beloved Franciacorta!

They were moved, amused, tired, passionate.

With all their floral decorations for wedding in Italy they told many love stories, this is the most beautiful thing for them!

Their strengths

Daniele and Alessandra’s creativity is perceived in every job, not to mention the constant search for new solutions in the field of floral arrangements for weddings.

You know, sometimes future spouses have very complex and imaginative requests to fulfill. So the professionals of Metaflora Wedding Flowers must be able to create real works of floral design!!!

Experience is another fundamental strength. With Daniele and Alessandra the future spouses feel safe and have the opportunity to enjoy the party without worries.

Listening and understanding

The work for floral arrangements, for the wedding in Franciacorta, is first of all given by listening.

It is essential to listen to the needs of the spouses to understand their expectations and then offer the best advice.

We underline the best advice, they are suggestions given by professionals active in the wedding field for fifteen years. Suggestions which are particularly valuable therefore.

In addition, couples will have the opportunity to discover a range of services to choose freely.

Future spouses will receive reliability and confidentiality, always appreciated qualities.

What else about floral arrangements for the wedding in Franciacorta? It is right to let the images of their works speak (you will find them both in Love In Franciacorta site and on their website and social channels).

What is said about them and their floral decorations

Just read the reviews written by their customers to understand how Daniele and Alessandra do their job very well.

Here are some of them.

“Marcella: Daniele and Alessandra’s professionalism and creativity are unmatched! They have shaped our dreams and created a wedding tailored for us: flowers, woods, candles, they have given light to our shabby chic fairy tale! All newlyweds should rely on them. “

“Jennifer: We met Alessandra and Daniele on and, right from the start, there was maximum harmony. Elegance, sweetness, professionalism, precision and a lot of heart are their main qualities. Trust them with your eyes closed. We have you in our heart. “

“Renata: Availability, attention and professionalism are only the starting point. Alessandra and Daniele manage to give voice to emotions, ready to intervene by relieving us of any form of anxiety and stress.
A perfect wedding without too many thoughts!
Thanks for turning a simple idea into our reality. ”

“Alessandra: Real professionals, really attentive to details. Their splendid compositions helped to create a special atmosphere on our wedding day. All our guests congratulated us for the beauty of our flowers! “

How they are found

Word of mouth is the main channel allowing Daniele and Alessandra to be found by couples close to marriage in Italy.

Obviously web channels such as Love In Franciacorta (but not only) are growing, also because they give way to discover immediately their elegant floral decorations, designed for weddings in Franciacorta and throughout northern Italy.

What the future holds for weddings florwer arrangements

News are on the agenda.

Daniele and Alessandra of Metaflora Wedding Flowers will never offer standardized packages and will never make copy – paste arrangements.

Each job is a different and new project, so we can say for sure that our professionals are always evolving for all weddings flower arrangements.

Thank you for the beauty you have shown us, for your kindness and we will come back to you for a coffee as soon as possible.