Boutonnière? Look sposo in Franciacorta

Boutonnière? For the groom’s look in Italy – The final touch

Boutonnière? For the groom’s look in Italy – The final touch

Boutonnière? For the groom’s look in Italy and in Franciacorta.

On the wedding day in Italy the groom will need that final touch of class to stand out and be unique.

Many men will therefore add a refined boutonnière to the formal dress. The bottoniera (in Italian) is an accessory symbol of gallantry and refinement.

This is a floral element that tends to be in line with the bride’s bouquet and to be applied to the left lapel of the jacket.

Not everyone knows that this type of male accessory is identified as a sort of “groom’s bouquet”, which recalls in its global essence the bouquet of flowers of the future wife and the floral decoration of the reception.

It is also worn not by the closest witnesses and the family members.

Get married in Franciacorta, wedding look: Final touch

Flowers are the background for the entire reception. They are applicable in the bridal look.

Some examples? In a beautiful wedding hairstyle, in the left lapel of the groom’s jacket who wants to respect the rules imposed by etiquette, in the decorations of the reception, especially those in the room where the banquet will take place and in the many ideas for your wedding in Franciacorta.

Therefore is a wide choice for the groom: from the more rustic ones, made with wildflowers, to the more classic ones with roses.

Depending on the groom’s style and the type of flowers he requests, the composition to be applied will be elaborated.

The most suitable Boutonnière for any dress

If your groom’s dress is classic and if the bride’s bouquet of flowers ranges on delicate pastel shades, such as those of buttercups and roses, or if she prefers a bouquet of peonies, you can add one of the latter to your buttonhole, in a combination of lilies of the valley.

For the wedding in Franciacorta boho chic, which will take place in the splendid green and hilly setting, the choice of a groom’s boutonnière composed of wildflowers, daisies, small ears of wheat with thin branches of lavender, tied together by a light hemp thread, will be an excellent idea.

If, on the other hand, you love warmer and more intense tones, you can choose a small composition of berries on shades between red and purple and enrich them with leaves.

If you feel more traditional, you will opt for classic red roses as groom’s boutonnière. It’s a symbol of love and passion.

The grooms, who prefer a detail with contained and delicate shapes, can choose a boutonnière made up exclusively of lilies of the valley, never excessive.

Dear grooms, have you chosen which will be the most suitable detail for you?
If you have not already done so, consult your sweetheart.