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Beard grooming for the wedding day in Italy – Love In Franciacorta

Beard grooming for the marriage in Italy

A final question will have to be addressed by future husbands: beard grooming for the wedding day in Italy. Will you prefer to shave you or keep a beard for your wedding day in Franciacorta?

The beard is a real “accessory” for the groom’s look and it must have the same importance as a woman’s hairstyle.

Today it is no longer an obligation to be perfectly shaved on your wedding day in Franciacorta, as long as you have a well-groomed and perfectly trimmed beard.

It will therefore be important to keep your beard adjusted during the weeks before the wedding in order to get the best out of your wedding day.

Times change

The groom’s beard is now in fashion, it is well known, the look of actors, sportsmen, models, singers and famous people testifies to it.

Provided that…

This doesn’t mean you have to make it grow up for your wedding. Some people have good beards and others don’t. If you want to show up at the wedding with a beard, however, start getting ready in time!

Some tips for the beard grooming

Start using the right products such as softening oil and a moisturizer for example.

Moreover, if you wear a particularly long beard, don’t forget to put a comb in your breast pocket so you can fix it every now and then.

Rely on the hands of an expert

Whatever the choice you will make for your wedding day in Franciacorta, do not hesitate to rely on a professional (as for your bride’s hairstyle).

If you do not have the habit of going to a barber, you can take advantage of it several months before the wedding to be “pampered” by expert hands in order to have perfect beard (and hair) on that magic day.

Beard grooming and male cuts

If you are lucky enough to have a thick head of hair, you can ask your trusted barber to recommend the look for your wedding.

Talk to your barber to find a solution that goes hand in hand with beard grooming and mustache look.

You don’t necessarily have to follow fashion. Try to prefer cuts that make you feel at ease, without necessarily distorting your image (you will have to recognize yourself in the mirror).

For those who do not have flowing hair, and the baldness begins to show up, do not make it a drama.

However, keep in order by taking care of the cut that your trusted barber has recommended.

And now, dear future grooms, are you ready for your wedding in Franciacorta?

For any advice, we at Love in Franciacorta are here at your disposal!