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Wedding in a farmhouse in Italy: we know Cascina San Lorenzo

Wedding in a farmhouse in Italy

Do you want a wedding in a farmhouse in Italy?

Our blog continues to make the Love In Franciacorta project known and to present who is part of it.

Franciacorta is a land with a rural vocation, rich in greenery, nature and hills.

So we could not fail to plan a wedding in a farmhouse in Franciacorta.

Here is Cascina San Lorenzo, another of the “flagships” among the locations in Franciacorta selected by us creators of the project.

We then had a chat with the members of the Armici family, owners of the estate.

Let’s start from the “roots”

The birth of Cascina San Lorenzo is thanks to Giacomo Armici and his wife Rosangela who, in 1987, bought the land to plant vineyards, olive groves and thus have their own “nest” immersed in the greenery and tranquility of the Franciscan countryside in Capriolo (BS).

In this enchanting place they formed a splendid family, composed of Stefano, Maurizio and Eleonora.

The family, more united than eve,r decided to start the farmhouse business in 2000 d.c.

In 2003 d.c., with the splendid olive groves present throughout the estate, they decided to purchase the machinery to have the oil mill, with cold extraction, to produce their own oil in complete autonomy.

This estate is rich in resources: wine, olive oil, vegetables, animals, in short it is a real mine of “zero kilometer” authenticity.

Wedding in a farmhouse, Cascina San Lorenzo

The now adult children (and perfectly integrated into the family business) in 2010 decided that it was time to evolve again, exploring new professional areas.

Given the vast spaces, the private location, the care and the beauty of the premises, they decided to approach weddings, opening the doors to future spouses for wedding in a farmhouse in Franciacorta.

Stefano, Maurizio and Eleonora (with her boyfriend Stefano) take care of everything, each one in its own sector, in order to ensure a wedding with bows for the bride and groom.

The choices of the spouses and what they liked about a wedding in a farmhouse

Weddings of all kinds are splendid, with several rooms and a large hall for important receptions.

The commitment that the Armici family puts into organizing wedding in a farmhouse starts with planning, especially addressed to the spouses, but with an eye also to their guests.

Every wedding is different, it is in fact “packaged” like a tailored suit on the wishes of the spouses.

Stefano and his brothers follow every aspect of the estate. From the scenic beauty of the spaces, to the quality of the products (wine, oil, raw materials) that will be cooked and brought to the tables of the wedding banquet.

A strong point is the exclusivity of the location and the times granted to the spouses.

Because at the San Lorenzo farmhouse the bride and groom have the opportunity to celebrate until after midnight (to be precise until one o’clock).

The spouses for all this professionalism and not only thank them a lot!

So much availability, the care of the spaces, the excellent cuisine and the elegance of the service (obviously Cascina San Lorenzo is an advanced farmhouse for wedding in Italy, now with a consolidated vocation for weddings) are very appreciated by the guests of the estate.

Word of mouth is the best way to say: Thank you!

For several years now, the internet has taken over, this channel is universal and helps a lot to be found.

Fortunately, every couple who organized their wedding in a farmhouse, in Cascina San Lorenzo, did not just thank for the service had on their wedding day. They showed that they appreciated the management of Stefano and his family to such an extent that they highly recommended to other couples.

Some anecdote about wedding in a farmhouse?

The spouses and their guests (always polite and respectful of the structure) feel so comfortable that they have fun animating the party with various jokes.

An example? Among the various stories, the Armici brothers focused in particular on that time when the groom was thrown into the fish pond completely dressed !!!

… ahahahaha maybe a revenge?

Future projects?

Like any ambitious and alive reality, there are always projects and dreams, sometimes they are top secret while others are almost done.

From this year, the arrival for the bride and groom by helicopter will be possible at Cascina San Lorenzo (flying over part of the Sebino and part of Franciacorta).

A nice and fresh novelty for the hot summer days will be the Ape motorbike with ice cream shop attached, very nice, isn’t it?

Furthermore, in such large spaces, every year it is possible to expand gardens and design solutions for all guests, from the oleastro to the youngest.

We creators of Love In Franciacorta invite you to visit the wonderful estate.

You can get to know who takes care of it daily and find out how carefully they welcome guests.

Discover the charm of your wedding in a farmhouse in Franciacorta.